We make websites and apps compliant with

GDPR and ePrivacy regulations

NEW! Now with full DPIA
– Data Protection Impact Assessment

Recommended by

  • Federation of Danish Industry
  • Federation of Danish Internet Trade
  • Federation of Danish Media
  • Federation of Danish Charities

Our Danish clients are:

  • 95% of retail grocery trade
  • 80% of publishers
  • 60% of the most used webshops
  • 50% of C25, Nasdaq CPH
  • 40% of Top100 most visited websites
  • 30% of charities
  • 20% of Municipalities and Regions
Forbrugerrådet Tænks Cookiedeklaration


We are by large the preferred Scandinavian supplier across private and public sector ranging servicing everything from the largest webportfolios to small websites owned by small companies.

Forbrugerrådet Tænks Cookiedeklaration


Get a proper consent solution for your website and app

To become GDPR compliant

Using us your website will always declare the sharing of PII correctly, you’ll collect users’ consent and have all the legally required documentation readily available to pass a data inspection flawlessly.

To prevent competition from targetting adds to your users when they visit other websites

90% of all websites leak PII about their users to marketing platforms with whom they have no data handling agreements with. If this is not changed your users often will be targetted with adds from competition or others when they visit other websites.

We guarantee your websites compliance

with the GDPR and ePrivacy regulation

1. Declaration
  • We audit for 10 tracking technologies. No-one detect more than us!
  • We audit all URL’s on a website – also behind log-in
  • We keep the declaration updated automatically
2. Logging of each users consent
  • We provide a consent banner taylored to your websites look and feel
  • We keep a consent-log ready for inspection
  • We ensure that the consent can be changed
  • We make it possible to hold cookies back until consent has been given
  • We help you through a data inspection situation
3. Data processor agreements
  • We show you who you should make data handling agreements with
  • We show you if your data handling agreements are violated
4. Internal compliance
  • We uncover what 3rd parties your websites and apps send data to
  • We help you to make decisions on which external services it is safe to use on your website
  • We make it easy to remove unwanted data flows

We are your guarantee

  • Eliminate your legal exposure
    We help you through data inspection
  • Save time
    We do all the legally required work for you. And it’s 100% correct. 
  • Save money
    We’re cheaper than any internal cost

‘We at the Cancer Association have had a really good cooperation with Cookie Information sice march 2015. Their solution is easy to implement and provide us with monthly reporting about what cookies are on our websites at any given time. In the beginning we were quite surprised to find how many cookies our sites sets when we integrate with social media.

It is important for us not only to comply with the GDPR and ePrivacy directives but also to enable our users to refuse on-line tracking which the solution from Cookie Informations does effectively. Finally we use Cookie Information as consultants to enable us to monitor and evaluate the cookies that our websites set. This has resulted in the deletion of AddThis. The Cancer Association use the solution from Cookie Information on 9 domains and this will surely increase over time.’



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