Is your web shop built with apps, plugins, and widgets? Do you use statistical programs like Google Analytics, and do you embed YouTube videos on your site? All these third-party services (Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) use and store marketing cookies on your customers’ computer.

If your webshop uses third-party services which set marketing cookies, you are subject to the legal provisions stated in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Directive.

Therefore, as a webshop owner you must:

  • Collect an informed and explicit cookie consent from your web shop’s visitors
  • Offer your visitors the possibility to opt-out of cookies
  • Store a detailed log for each visitors’ consent if you are subject to inspection by the Data Protection Authorities


With Cookie Information’s automatized consent solution your webshop gets:

  • A cookie consent banner (pop up)
  • Privacy controls (so your visitors can opt-out of cookies)
  • A cookie policy
  • A list of cookies on your  webshop
  • Monthly scans of cookies on your web
  • Documentation of each visitors' consent (should you be subject to inspection)
  • The possibility to hold back cookies by implementing Cookie Information’s SDK
  • 40+ languages

With this app from Cookie Information, you do not have to worry about collecting your visitors’ cookie consent. Everything is automatized and all consent documentation is stored for you on the Microsoft Azure Platform as soon as the app is installed.

Become GDPR compliant today with the Cookie Consent Solution GDPR | ePrivacy app by Cookie Information. Protecting your customers’ online data creates trust in your webshop and gives you competitive advantages on the market.