Easily integrate Cookie Information's Consent Solution into your Joomla installation.

Plugin description

This Joomla plugin makes it easy for you to implement our Cookie Consent Solution on your website.

The plugin adds the required scripts and SDK library to the Joomla installation.

In order to use this plugin’s functionalities, registering your domain name in our platform is required.

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  • Enable IAB
  • Auto-blocking of YouTube & Vimeo videos
  • Auto-blocking of scripts

Installation Guide

Step 1

Login to your Joomla Backend


Step 2

Navigate to: Extensions -> Manage -> Install

Then search for the plugin: “Cookie Information – Consent Solution” and press INSTALL

note: If you don’t have install from web enabled, you can download the plugin from this page and upload in manually in the same section in your Joomla backend as stated above.


Step 3

Navigate to: Extensions -> Plugins

Find your newly install plugin and active it by clicking the red cross icon.


Step 4

The plugin is then ACTIVE and will insert the necessary scripts in order for the solution to work.


Remember to register your domain before use

Before you can use any of our extensions, you need to have a registered account with us and your domain whitelisted