Cookie Information A/S announces annual report for 2018. It has been a good year.

Cookie Information A/S announces annual report for 2018. It has been a good year.

2018 was a good year for Cookie Information! We are pleased to announce that we have reached the management’s expectations for this year’s growth. Details about our annual report below.

Cookie Information has met the expectations for this year’s financial results and operational performance.  We have developed a state-of-the-art Privacy Management Platform and migrated all existing clients to it; we have extended our product range to include a GDPR Audit for mobile apps; we have strengthened our international presence with a sales office in Norway and with first clients in the USA, Germany, Iceland, Switzerland and Finland; and we have started a successful partnership with The Danish Growth Fund (‘Vækstfonden’) which is the Danish state's investment fund.

By the end of 2018, we had handled more than 6 billion consents and our cookie Consent Solution had been implemented on 6,000 websites. Our gross profit - including the Norwegian sales office - increased 134% to €0,6 million and 85% of turnover is now Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). The EBITDA was €0.0 i.e. no loss.

Cookie Information nominated as ‘Most Interesting Advisor and Investor start-up’ worldwide

Cookie Information has been nominated as the most interesting tech start-up for Advisors and Investors worldwide. We will pitch before a live global investor audience in May 2019 and join the Procter & Gamble Alumni International Conference in Madrid, October 2019, where the winner will be announced. We hope the nomination will contribute to our global growth.

Redesigned website with brand new features

In April 2019, we launched a new feature on our website which enables companies to get a quality test of the compliance level of their website in respect to ePrivacy and GDPR. Within 24 hours of a security request, Cookie Information’s technicians will manually craft a report specific to the domain submitted. This feature is designed to help companies acquire a quality assessment of their domain’s compliance which is far superior to the various free and automated tests available on the internet.


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Download Annual Report for Cookie Information A/S (in Danish) – the link downloads the annual report as PDF.