Cookie Information launches new website

Cookie Information launches new website

Cookie Information presents a new website design with greater focus on usability and abilities to test your GDPR & ePrivacy compliance level. Check it out, fill out the form and get a full report on how your company website complies with the GDPR.

Once in a while you need something new. You need a change of designs to make processes more user friendly. And with you in mind, we have created a completely new web design which aims at providing you with all the information you need on GDPR cookie compliance. And in fewest possible clicks.

Try out our GDPR & ePrivacy compliant solutions for free or test your website for GDPR compliance. We have made it very easy for you to get started.  

Learn about cookies and GDPR compliance

Want to learn more about the importance of becoming GDPR & ePrivacy compliant on your website? Go to our resources section and learn about how cookies work, third-parties who collect and process information about your visitors and measures to becoming GDPR compliant.

The section also includes a news blog about trends in the world of compliance and the actions taken by national Data Protection authorities to secure website visitors’ privacy.

Test your website for GDPR and ePrivacy complianceIs your website GDPR ePrivacy compliant

One of our newest features. We have had many requests to create a function in which you can test if your company website is GDPR and & ePrivacy compliant. Enter your website domain and email, and we will scan your website’s pages for cookies.

Based on the data, we will manually generate a DPIA report (Data Protection Impact Assessment) and go through your website cookies, breaches and a solution to solve them.

Sign up for 30-day free trialSign up free trail GDPR ePrivacy compliance cookie consent

Already made your research on different cookie consent solutions? Then evaluate our Consent Solution for 30 days. It’s completely free, requires no credit card and you are not obliged to buying if you’re not satisfied. 

Check it out and get a GDPR compliant cookie pop-up. It is a pro solution which actually scans your site for cookies, collects your users consents, gives a detailed overview of security breaches and of course stores your users’ consents for documentation if you are subject to inspection by the Data Protection Authorities.

Sounds good? Check our new website and become GDPR and ePrivacy cookie compliant today.