Is your website GDPR cookie compliant? New, free check

Is your website GDPR cookie compliant? New, free check

May 25th. The one-year mark for GDPR implementation is soon arriving. Still, a lot of companies use cookie pop-up banners which are not GDPR compliant. Cookie Information offers you a quality check of your company’s pop-up banner and consent solution to test whether it complies with ePrivacy or GDPR requirements.

Is your website GDPR compliant?
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One year into the GDPR. What is the status when it comes to transparency and consent? Frankly, it is not looking all too good. A lot of companies have implemented cookie banners on their websites prompting the users that they use cookies for statistical purposes and to enhance the website. However, most of these “GDPR” cookie banners do not live up to the transparency and consent requirements in the GDPR!

Most cookie pop-up banners do not:

  • inform the user about which 3rd parties receive data.
  • explain what the users’ personal data are used for or;
  • for how long tracking takes place.
  • give the user the possibility to reject tracking cookies.
  • hold back cookies prior to consent.

And now, national Data Protection Authorities are issuing fines to companies who do not comply with the GDPR.

Link: Swedish marketing bureau fined for not keeping cookie consent logs

Link: Dutch and Bavarian DPA issue fines to companies for unlawful cookie practices

Link: French DPA fines Google 50 million Euro for lack of GDPR consent transparency

Becoming GDPR compliant begins with a thorough website check

There are a lot of free and automated GDPR tests out there. Common to most them are, they do not provide you with a full overview of your GDPR compliance.

This is why Cookie Information now offers your company a thorough, hand-crafted and free GDPR and ePrivacy check of your website to test whether it complies with the standards of EU legislation.

When you fill out the form (your website + email), we will provide you with a quality summary report based on an in-depth scan of your company website plus an expert’s opinion on your compliance level. Because we perform a deep scan of a large portion of your website as well as one of our experts will evaluate your current cookie solution, you can expect the results within 48 hours.

Your report will conclude:

  • If your website is fully ePrivacy and GDPR compliant.
  • If your website holds back cookies until consent is given (prior consent).
  • If you collect Specific Consents
  • If you collect Informed consents
  • If you carry the legally required Consent Logs
  • Recommended next steps

Cookie Information provides an AI-based Privacy Management Platform which help you comply with the legal requirements set forth by the ePrivacy Directive and GDPR.