New Cookie Requirements - Short Guide to Compliance

New Cookie Requirements - Short Guide to Compliance

Eu-Court of Justice in recent ruling: There are now new cookie requirements. Here's a short guide to become Cookie Compliant.

New cookie requirements, EU-Court declares

This week, the European Court of Justice has tightened the requirements for the use of cookies on websites.

In the case against German lottery company Planet49, the Court annonced that:

  • Websites must collect an explicit consent from their users before setting cookies besides strictly neccessary ones. 

The ruling is a game-changer for most European websites and renders the majority of cookie consent solutions non-compliant.

Major European law firms, including Bird & Bird, recommend companies and website operators to revisit their cookie pop-up banners to ensure GDPR standard consent is obtained. 

Cookie Information's cookie consent solution ensures full compliance

Cookie Information's Cookie Consent Solution includes all tools to ensure your website complies with existing regulations (ePrivacy and GDPR). 

Link: Cookie Information's Cookie Consent Solution

Request a cookie compliance assessment to establish if your website meets the requirements put forward by EU-law and the recent verdict by the EU-Court of Justice.  We provide you with answers you can act upon to reach a full level of GDPR compliance for using cookies. 

In the Cookie Compliance Assessment, we'll provide you with answers to the following questions:

  • Is your cookie pop-up implemented correctly?
  • Do pre-ticked boxes need to be changed (to un-ticked)?
  • Can your users opt-out to the use of cookies?
  • Does your website collect consent prior to the use of cookies?
  • Does your website provide necessary information about cookies, their purpose and lifespan?

The assessment is a service and free of charge.

We will email you the report within two workdays.

Book a meeting today

You can always book a meeting with us, if you cannot wait. 

Cookie Information offers a Consent Management Platform which helps you become and stay ePrivacy and GDPR cookie compliant on your website.