Tales from the home office #1

Tales from the home office #1

In these Corona times Cookie Information is digging in. We now have (home) offices all over Copenhagen and in the Oslo region in Norway. Short report from CEO Karsten Rendemann from Cookie Information.

These are extraordinary times. The Coronavirus has sent most of the Danish and European workforce working from home in an effort to slow down the spread of the virus and all of us at Cookie Information now work from home too.

Working from home indeed brings changes to the daily workflow but we look at it from the bright side and see if it can bring innovation to the way we work.

Usually, we have a great deal of meetings in our offices in Nyhavn, Copenhagen and in Oslo, and we thrive in our large open office environment but now is the time to see if we can work even more productively without. For starters we all save the commute!

Sebastian, our Customer Success Manager has already set up a cloud telephone system to direct all queries to the relevant people at Cookie Information and several times a day we check in with each other.

Our Account Executives Mia and Marc holds a webinar for DPO’s in the public sector today where they will focus on ePR and GDPR consent requirements for public sector websites.

We guarantee no risk for Corona during that session but it’s quite likely that participants will become hooked on privacy and all the things you can do to enhance it while working from home.

Let’s get through this together and demonstrate that we are capable of continuing our businesses even in difficult times.

Keep calm and stay safe!

/Karsten Rendemann

CEO | Cookie Information