Tales from the home office #3

Tales from the home office #3

The third week of the corona quarantine will soon come to an end. Like many other companies, we have adapted as we venture still into uncharted waters. Short report from CEO Karsten Rendemann.

I don’t think any of us expected to see our daily work life disrupted in such a way as has been the result of the corona crisis. Like most others, we at Cookie Information have managed to adapt to the new normal but we have also encountered challenges.

Recruiting has proven particularly different in times of social distancing. How do we conduct the interview process and how do we onboard new colleagues when almost all are working from home?

I think a ‘do it!’ attitude is the answer here! And I am pleased to announce that Nicolai Sommerfelt will start on April 1st as Account Executive.

As I reported last week, we’ve seen an increase in interest in our services both from existing clients and companies who desire a proper cookie consent solution. Nicolai will enable us to meet these requests so even more companies can become GDPR cookie compliant. We expect to continue the recruitment of more privacy professionals in April.

I am also pleased to announce that Cookie Information is nominated by the Danish E-Commerce Association (FDIH) for best B2B company with online sales below 200M DKK/$30M. We’re all extremely proud of the nomination and which shows we have moved to a league with the best. The other nominees in the category are Sleeknote, Shipmondo, Westpack and Autouncle. They are all sound and solid companies that have done very well in the recent years.

So, all in all Cookie Information is going full steam ahead during the crisis and we are here to assist any company that would like to get a professional cookie consent solution for their website.

Stay well out there.

/Karsten Rendemann CEO Cookie Information