Tealium Cookie Banner Integration

By Cookie Information

Implement Cookie Information’s cookie consent pop-up with Tealium and begin collecting valid consents from your website visitors today.

Cookie banner integration with Tealium – Ensure your GDPR & ePrivacy compliance

Eliminate the risk of cookie fines and fill your marketing funnel with compliant data for ads and analytics.

Secure your website’s compliance with an easy implementation of Cookie Information’s Consent Management Platform through Tealium’s tag manager.

The consent pop-up collects and stores valid consent to cookies and is ePrivacy, GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Monitor, track and control privacy risks and boost consent rates with advanced reporting in the Compliance Dashboard.

Ensure your GDPR cookie compliance with Cookie Information.

They have been incredible to work with over the past couple of years and very passionate about what they do and offer to their customers.

Nathanuel Williams

Application Manager @ Maersk A/S

Customizable design
Easily design your consent pop-up with your company logo & website colors to fit your brand UI.
Website scan and privacy policy
Set frequent scanning of your website to find cookies and compliance risks. Your cookie policy is always updated with the results from latest scan.
Plug n’ play
Cookie Information’s Consent pop-up is easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain. Use a plugin or integration and get started in under 5 minutes.

They simply gave us the best solution for our website. Great onboarding, fast support and a customized and compliant consent pop-up. They have been great to work with and we really appreciate their easy to use Consent Management Platform.

Jessica K

Digital Communications Consultant @ NNIT


Why install Cookie Information’s banner with Tealium iQ tag manager?

Tealium iQ Tag Management System enables you to collect, control and manage your customer data from vendors across platforms.

With a system heavily focused on MarTech, it becomes necessary also to implement a Consent Management Platform that works out-of-the-box with Tealium.

Cookie Information is a leading Consent Management Platform that ensures the compliance of more than 250,000 websites in over 140 countries.

We provide a platform where you can:

  • collect and store your users’ consents to cookies
  • monitor and control risks to your business’ compliance

Get access to full documentation and full support on the consent pop-up and the implementation through Tealium.

Questions about your pop-up or need help to solve specific issues, we answer the phone!

How to implement Cookie Information’s cookie banner with Tealium iQ tag manager

The consent pop-up is easy to install. 

The cookie control SDK is enabled via the UDO variable in Tealium – Tag Manager. The categories selected by the users are stored in the UDO data layer (utag_data).

You then have to option of placing a LOAD RULE to check against these categories, so the tag does not fire until the user agrees to the selected category.

Please read the full guide  “how to install” in our support center and you’re ready to go.