Cookie Compliance: Implications and Solutions

Webinar: How can you get data for Google Analytics and Google Ads even when your visitors say "cookies? No thanks!"? Discover proven solutions for collecting both data and valid consent for cookies in this joint webinar with Digital Agency IIH Nordic. Re-watch video from webinar here!

About this Webinar

Many websites have experienced a loss of data and insights when implementing a cookie compliant solution. 

Users are opting-out of cookies and it can be difficult to measure web traffic and attribute conversions to specific campaigns. 

At this webinar, we talk to digital agency IIH Nordic about newest methods to capture data and meeting international standards for privacy and compliance. 

Are data and insights relevant to your business? This webinar video is what you should focus on right now! 

We will talk about: 

  • How to collect valid consent for cookies
  • Introducing Google Consent Mode
  • Take critical data-driven business decisions

More information

If you are looking to try out Google Consent Mode, please get in touch.

At Cookie Information, we have implemented Google Consent Mode’s features into our Consent Solution.

That means, your website will get a complete solution with cookie banner, consent log (for documentation), cookie control, cookie policy and much more. And! Of course, you will also get all the metrics from Google (note: aggregated data if users decline tracking).

Want to know how to get Google Consent Mode for your website? Get in touch!


Marc Southwell

Marc Southwell

Compliance Advisor, Nordics
Where to start with cookies?

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