The guide to cookie consent in Finland

Join our new webinar to learn everything about Finnish cookie guidelines. You will get actionable steps for website GDPR compliance and more.

About this Webinar


How to perform GDPR compliant analytics and digital marketing – The guide to cookie consent in Finland

This new webinar will focus on helping Finnish companies making their website cookie compliant according to the guidelines. It’ll also include tips on how to create brand value and how to secure future website compliance. Join now!

About this Webinar

Strict rules apply to cookie consent, and by following best practices, you protect the organization from hefty GDPR fines and from losing valuable marketing and analytics data.

This webinar will teach you how to comply with cookie consent laws and guidelines and fill your marketing funnel with GDPR compliant data.

We will cover:

• The exact steps for making your website cookie compliant with Finnish guidelines.
• Eliminating the risk of being fined and protect your brand reputation.
• Performing compliant analytics and filling your marketing funnel with compliant data.

• Future-proofing and facilitating legal requirements in your IT & marketing stack.
At the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to ask your questions, which will be answered live or through email. No questions will stay unanswered. Join us now!

About the company

Cookie Information is a Consent Management Platform that enables companies to easily inform about data collection and automatically store consents for this collection on both Mobile Apps and Websites.

About the speaker

Marc Southwell is a Senior Compliance Advisor who advises International Companies on implementing GDPR and ePrivacy-initiatives in an existing online presence.


Marc Southwell

Marc Southwell

Compliance Advisor, Nordics

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