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Why should you upgrade?

Because you never have to worry about GDPR compliance again. Your consent banner for businesses is always up-to-date with the latest EU requirements for using cookies.

The banner makes sure you collect and store all your users’ consents for cookies (as required by law)! 

Our powerful scanner also provides you with key insights into your cookie compliance to make sure you stay GDPR compliant – need we say more?

Upgrade today and instantly get…

A consent pop-up that complies with the GDPR. Simple as that!
An always up-to-date cookie policy created specifically for your website
Frequent scans of your website that identifies all new cookies, trackers and risks to your GDPR compliance
The security in knowing that we store all your users’ consents in your consent log, so you can provide documentation to the Data Protection Authorities (if necessary)
Key insights in a personalized Compliance Dashboard that monitors your consent rates and can identify any illegal data transfers to third countries
Several design templates so you can create the pop-up that fits your website best! Add your logo and colors.

Why choose us?

Because none of us want to think about cookie compliance all the time. We want something that works out of the box, so we can focus on something else in our work! 

And we just need to know it works, that we are GDPR compliant. You get that with the consent pop-up for businesses by Cookie Information!

“Great onboarding, fast support and a customized and compliant consent pop-up.”

Jessica K, Digital Communications Consultant, NNIT

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