Cookie Information’s plugin for WordPress helps you manage cookies, collect user consents, and enable compliant data collection on your WordPress site.


Enable your marketing and analytics through user-consented data collection. Cookie Information’s plugin for WordPress enables you to comply with ePrivacy, GDPR, and other privacy laws. Additionally you get a native Consent Mode v2 integration.

Key Features:

Google Consent Mode v2

As a Certified Google CMP Partner, Cookie Information’s WordPress plugin is natively integrated with Google Consent Mode v2. Enables conversion modeling when users opt out of cookies and helps you maintain functionality of essential features in your Google Ads, such as:

  • Conversion measurement
  • Enhanced conversions
  • Audiences
  • Remarketing
  • Smart Bidding (tROAS and tCPA)


Download and install the plugin via WordPress. You can find the download link and installation guide here.

Support & updates

This plugin is provided and developed by Cookie Information in collaboration with our partners. 
If you have questions or need support with the plugin, visit our Support Center or reach out to support@cookieinformation.com