What is a cookie and what does it have to do with GDPR? Swedish legislation

New webinar with Swedish lawyers Delphi on cookies, Swedish cookie law and the GDPR. Read more about this webinar below and sign up for advice on how to get started with a compliant cookie banner.

About this Webinar

Here at Cookie Information, we have teamed up with Swedish law firm Delphi to give you an overview of what cookies are and how you can comply with regulations like Swedish cookie law and the GDPR.

We will discuss why data collection and data processing via cookies is a cross-department task.

We will discuss why legal departments, IT and Marketing need to work together to respect their users’ Privacy while supporting a sustainable online business model with high-quality data.

And we will share our best tips on doing your project on tracking, cookies etc., work in practice. 

The main topics are:

  • What are “cookies” according to Swedish legislation?  
  • When does GDPR apply when you use cookies? 
  • What should you be aware of when using different types of tracking?
  • What do companies generally need the most help with regarding this subject? 
  • What role do Marketing, Legal, and IT play in data protection matter?

About the companies
Delphi is a progressive law firm with respected specialists in most areas of business law. The tech team at Delphi combines deep business understanding with new, creative thinking to meet the client’s needs in a fast-changing world. Delphi provides clear advice and recommendations based on each client’s unique business challenge and is a strategic partner to the clients. 

Cookie Information is a Consent Management Platform that enables companies to easily inform about data collection and automatically store consents for this collection on both Mobile Apps and Websites.

About the speakers
Emilia Larson is a lawyer with expertise in data privacy. She advises companies on all data privacy matters and especially regarding the use of cookies.

Marc Southwell is a Senior Compliance Advisor who advises International Companies on implementing GDPR and ePrivacy-initiatives in an existing online presence.


Marc Southwell

Marc Southwell

Compliance Advisor, Nordics

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