Cookie Banner for Websites

Collect and manage user consents on your website

Cookie Information’s cookie banner helps you comply with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA. The native integration with Consent Mode v2 ensures you don’t have to compromise on your marketing goals. Try it out for 30 days – completely free, no strings attached.

Helps you comply with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA

Improve your marketing performance with Google Consent Mode v2

Protect your users’ privacy and increase trust in your brand

Achieve compliance with efficient consent management

Stay ahead of  privacy laws like GDPR, ePrivacy and CCPA. The cookie banner blocks cookies until consent is granted, offers granular consent options and the ability to edit consent preferences. An always-up-to-date cookie policy informs your visitors of cookies and data collection. All user consents are stored securely on servers within the EU to keep you ready for an audit at any time.

Get more high-quality data with Consent Mode v2

Enhance your digital strategy with a Certified Google CMP Partner. A native Consent Mode v2 integration lets you recover lost conversion data from users who opt out. Reduces blind spots and helps you optimize your reporting, attribution, and bidding strategies for Google Ads campaigns. Stay ahead of the curve and preserve performance of your campaigns in the EEA.

Consent Mode v2

Create a seamless user experience through customization

Kickstart your consent collection with a verified banner template, customizable with your company’s logo, colors, and unique tone-of-voice. The banner supports 44 languages and lets you create a seamless user experience across markets. Tailor the banner to different user locations and build trust in your brand by showing your commitment to privacy.

Works with any CMS, on any website

You don’t have to be a developer to implement Cookie Information’s cookie banner. Simply add your domain to the CMP and insert the cookie banner on your website. Plugins available for the most popular CMS’ and hosting providers like WordPress, SiteCore, and Wix. Integrated with Piwik PRO,  Google Tag Manager, Shopify and much more.

Is your mobile app compliant?

Privacy laws also apply to your mobile app. And non-compliance could get your app rejected from the major app stores.

Cookie Information’s Mobile App Consent collects user consents for SDKs, newsletters, age restrictions, terms of service and much more. Helps you ensure compliance on your native Android or iOS mobile apps.

Works on Android and iOS
Collects consent for SDKs, newsletters, age restrictions, terms of service and much more
Customizable consent pop-up to fit your app’s design
Consents are stored in-app and on secure EU servers
Join 250,000+ websites that protect user privacy without compromising their marketing goals.


Collects and securely stores user consents

Customizable to fit your website’s design

Easy to implement with your preferred CMS or tag manager

Enables your compliance with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA

Supports 44+ languages so you can localize your consent collection

Integrated with a range of services like Piwik PRO, Google products, Shopify and more

Respect user privacy without compromising your marketing goals. Compliant data collection starts with a cookie banner.