We are Cookie Information

Empowering marketers with secure and privacy-compliant MarTech solutions.

What we do

We help marketers collect, analyze, and activate their online data across the user journey in ways that ensure data security and privacy compliance. We aim to build a world where privacy-friendly MarTech and compliance solutions are seen as enablers, not hindrances, even by the most profit-driven companies and public sector organizations worldwide.

Our journey so far

Since our inception and the launch of the Cookie Information Consent Management Platform in 2017, we’ve made significant strides in the MarTech industry.

By 2020, our rapid growth earned us a spot on the Latka 250 Fastest Growing SaaS Company List. The following year, we became the second largest third party on the 100 most visited Danish websites, surpassed only by Google.

In 2022, Danish Family Office Kirk Kapital acquired 40% of our shares, and we expanded our capabilities by acquiring the Danish data privacy startup Phinder.

Our growth continued in 2023 with a merger with the Polish analytics platform Piwik PRO.

Most recently, in 2024, we launched a new sub-brand, Sheltr, with a distinct and vital mission: to make it easy and affordable for all organizations to protect individual digital rights.

Cookie Information culture

Our culture

The heart of Cookie Information is our people. We put people first and do our best to recognize, appreciate and respect the diversity of our employees. We are a growing team from many backgrounds, working out of the offices in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Wrocław, Poland – as well as remotely across the world.
Openness, collaboration, and participation are core aspects of our culture. We aim to support a workplace where all people should feel safe to participate, introduce new ideas and inspire others.
We promote fair treatment, equal access to opportunity and a focus on innovation, and creativity. We are constantly developing our benefits programs to ensure our people feel supported to live a healthy and happy life. Both inside and outside of work.

The Board

Comprised of seasoned professionals, our Board guides the strategic direction, ensuring we stay at the forefront of our field.

Göran Lindö
Board Chair |
Andreas Færk
Board Member |
Karsten Rendemann
Board Member |
Jonas Voldbjerg Andersen
Board Member |
Kamran Jamshidi
Board Member |
Tobias Faber
Board Observer |
Maciej Zawadziński
Board Observer |
Michael Aukland-Kjeldbjerg
Board Secretary |

Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a responsible company goes beyond providing high-quality services and being there when our customers need us. It also means giving something back to society, treating our employees well, fighting for inclusion and diversity, and caring for our environment.