Data Discovery 

Find your business’ non-compliant data without looking for a single file

All companies (like yours!) must keep track of all personal data they store. Social security numbers, health records, contracts and more. Don’t spend time looking through old emails and forgotten files ever again. Let the machine do the hard work and base your Article 30 on data, not assumptions.

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Storing personal data can be a risk
to your business' GDPR compliance

All companies are obligated by Article 30 of the GDPR
to keep track of what personal data you store and process.
But do you know what personal data your company stores? And where?
There could be hundreds, if not thousands, of files with personal data scattered across your systems and platforms. And you probably don’t have the time or resources to go through tons of files and folders!
This poses a risk to your business’ GDPR compliance.
Data Discovery automatically locates and classifies files with personal data in your systems. So you don’t have to!
Connect your systems with one click, and instantly discover non-compliant data. Simplify your compliance workflows.
Fast, cost-efficient and secure.
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One platform for the entire business

From compliance managers to employees


Get insights about risks and violations to your business’ compliance.

Monitor and track your compliance progress.

Department Manager

Get an easy overview of the risks and violations that concern your department.

Also for the employees you are responsible for. 


As an employee, you’ll be notified automatically whenever you are in possession of personal data that violates company policy.

Act on it easily to avoid violations. 

Data Discovery by Cookie Information makes it easy for us to see, track and document the effectiveness of our data privacy initiatives, ultimately helping us stay compliant with GDPR.
Kasper G. Nielsen
Head of IT

Automatic identification and classification of files

Never look manually for any file, ever again!

Data Discovery gives you an easy overview of personal data stored across your systems and platforms. 

Everything, in one central place!  

Act on violations quickly and stay compliant.  

Data Discovery:

Automatic notification of risks and violations

Data Discovery automatically notifies all relevant employees about risks and violations.

Employees receive a message with the necessary information and instructions on how to solve the issue.

It saves you time and effort when risks are handled locally in relevant departments.

All actions are stored in the system, so you can monitor the progress.

Sit back and let the machine do the hard work.  

Data Discovery:

See all your violations with Data Discovery
Data Discovery and the GDPR - what is personal data?

Complete overview of your company’s data privacy performance

With Data Discovery, you can see and track data privacy and GDPR performance for your entire business.

All in one place!

You can easily assess risks, violations and reports.

Exchange manual and time-consuming GDPR procedures with Cookie Information, and speed up your compliance.  

Data Discovery: 

Microsoft or Google? No problem. Cookie Information works on both. And more.

Cookie Information easily integrates with the services you use.

Works out of the box on Microsoft Office 365 (cloud and on-prem), Exchange Online Archive, Google Workspace, fileshares, MySQL databases and much more.

If we don’t have the integration, we can build it!

Data Discovery integrations: 




I am impressed by how easy it is to start with Data discovery by Cookie Information. The team has excellent service and always responds promptly to our questions. I am confident in the team and the solution.
Brian Rømsgaard
IT Manager
N.C. Nielsen

Cookie Information's
Data Discovery

* Formerly known as Phinder
Here are the features that will help you run efficient data privacy processes:

Say goodbye to hours of manual work!
And hello to automated data discovery.

Stay on top of your data privacy risks without spending hours and hours searching your systems.
Discover your business' non-compliant data and take measures to solve violations. Today! Find your violations!