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Consent solution for websites

All packages include: Professional cookie banner, personalized cookie policy, secure storage of consents, and automatic website scans to ensure your compliance.

Pay As You Go

For businesses and professionals working on ensuring data privacy and compliance.

The price depends on how often we scan your website and how many pages it has questionMark

Weekly Scan
Monthly Scan
More than 5.000

€ 53

€ 49

Up to 5.000

€ 35

€ 30

Up to 500

€ 15

€ 12

Prices are per domain, per month for up to 50.000 monthly users. questionMark

Valuable Add-ons and Services:

Never miss essential data insights
and Schrems II monitoring.
Add Compliance Dashboard questionMark

+ €19 / month
Get frequent and customized customer support. Upgrade to a Personalized Service Agreement questionMark

Customize Your Plan

For businesses and public sector organizations who need a tailor-made Consent Solution.
Bring GDPR compliance to the core of your website operations and achieve the goals you set for compliance. Cookie Information integrates GDPR compliance into all parts of your website and apps. This includes all the tools you use and the people who use them. This solution brings you the complete service to ensure you stable and trustworthy website compliance.

Web agency or technology vendor?
Help your clients and grow your business with our Partner Program.

Consent solution for Mobile Apps

Add a Consent Solution to your mobile application with our Mobile App SDK. Ensures GDPR compliance on your mobile app.

Mobile App Native SDKs

For businesses with a Mobile App who want to be ensure their GDPR compliance.


Our platform is connected to an online payment system that handles your subscription. To make it the most convenient for you, the subscription will be charged by credit card. If you need to pay by invoice rather than credit card please contact our Support Team by email:

You can add as many domains as you like. Testing domains will be free of charge, whereas all public domains – which we scan – will be charged.

The number of monthly users on a website will roughly correspond to the monthly unique visitors to your website from your analytics tool.

The total number of monthly users is the sum of monthly users from all domains within your account. So, let’s assume you are the owner of domain A and domain B. Domain A gets 10.000 monthly users on a monthly basis, and domain B gets 2.000 monthly users on a monthly basis, which means your total monthly users count is 10.000+2.000 = 12.000.

The exact number will be recalculated quarterly and can be found by logging into your account and accessing the reporting tool. You can read more about the reporting tool here.

Your price increases according to how many monthly users your website has:
Up to 50.000 = included
Up to 250.000 + €2 per month / domain
Up to 500.000 + €4 per month / domain
Up to 750.000 + €6 per month / domain
Up to 1.000.000 + €8 per month / domain
Over 1.000.000 + €10 per month / domain

Yes. Our Consent Solution is GDPR, ePrivacy, CCPA etc. compliant when setup and configured correctly. The Consent Solution informs your users of cookies and collects their valid consent to cookies.

Yes. Some companies have large portfolios of websites and complex setups. Please get in contact with our Sales Team to learn more about a tailor-made Consent Solution. Contact Sales here.

Yes. Test environments are a good way to test out the visual and technical functionalities of your Consent Solution. You can add test environments in our Consent Management Platform.

Many of our clients find great value in getting advanced insights into their consent solution – which is offered as an optional add-on with our Professional Solution and included in our Customized Solution. You can at any time downgrade and choose not to get insights about risks to your compliance.

Scan frequency means: how often we should scan your website/s for cookies and other risks to your compliance. Some prefer daily, others monthly. We recommend Weekly scanning for most clients, but you can always up- or downgrade. Your cookie policy and your Compliance Dashboard are updated after each scan.

Yes! You can choose to have your website scanned daily. Your cookie banner and cookie policy will be updated accordingly.

Scan depth means: How many subpages/unique URLs does your website have? When we scan your website for cookies and other risks to your compliance, we would like to know how many pages to scan. We scan each URL looking for cookies and other trackers to make sure your cookie banner and cookie policy are always up to date with your current cookie configuration.

It’s a native SDK for iOS and Android that works together with our Consent Solution. The SDK needs to be implemented in the client app and it has pre-built UI that shows the consent items and privacy policy. It will allow your users to give or reject consent to cookies; it stores all consents locally and in our backend.

Yes! The Mobile App Consent Solution is developed for both Android and iOS. The oldest supported iOS version is 12.0, currently supports Cocoa Pods. We are adding Swift Package Manager (SPM). On Android it is distributed through Maven Central.

All consents are stored in our database. We can export all consents when you need them. Contact our Support Team. A copy of the consent (or lack thereof) is also stored on every client’s device in user standards/shared storage.

Our SDK is compatible with hybrid app technologies, but we do not currently provide wrappers or technical support.


Website Consent Solution

  • Customization of Cookie Banner
  • 42 Languages
  • Automatic Cookie Scan
  • Automatic Cookie Blocking
  • Automatic Data Processor and Cookie Descriptions
  • Administration & Storage of Consents
  • Google Consent Mode
  • Consent Reporting
  • Compliant Cookie Banner
  • Privacy Controls
  • Knowledge Base with 10.000+ Cookies and Data Processor Descriptions
  • Up-to-date and Compliant Consent and Privacy Texts
  • Flexible Designs /Customizable HTML and CSS
  • Shared Consent between Domains
  • Access to Support Team via Chat, Email, Phone, Ticket
  • IAB TCF Certified
  • Web Accessibility optimized
  • Up to 50.000 Users per Month
  • Encrypted Security
  • Easy Deployment on your Website
  • White-list Strictly Necessary Cookies
  • Cross-browser Support
  • Legal Frameworks: CCPA & GDPR & ePrivacy
    UI Customization: Logo, Font Styles and Layers
  • Ticket and Chat Support

Compliance Dashboard

  • Advanced Consent Reporting
  • Advanced Compliance Reporting
  • Data Retention Monitoring
  • Schrems II Monitoring

Service Agreements

Free (default)

  • Access to Support Team via Chat, Email, Phone, Ticket
  • Access to Support Centre

Managed Compliance Basic

  • Access to Team via Chat, Email, Phone, Ticket
  • Access to Support Centre
  • Dedicated Compliance Manager
  • Compliance Recommendations (twice a year)

Managed Compliance Advanced

  • Access to Team via Chat, Email, Phone, Ticket
  • Access to Support Centre
  • Dedicated Compliance Manager
  • Compliance Recommendations (4 times a year)
  • Platform Training
  • Ad-hoc meetings

Managed Compliance Enterprise

  • Access to Team via Chat, Email, Phone, Ticket
  • Access to Support Centre
  • Dedicated Compliance Manager
  • Compliance Recommendations (4 times a year)
  • Platform Training
  • Ad-hoc meetings
  • In-house Implementation
  • Cookie Classification 

Mobile App Consent Solution

  • Native iOS SDK and Native Android SDK
  • Custom Developer APIs
  • Customization of the Banner
  • 42 Languages
  • Unlimited Consents and Pageviews
  • Administration & Storage of Consents
  • Support technical implementation