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Full cookie compliance & Live GDPR monitoring


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Full cookie compliance & Live GDPR monitoring. Tailormade solutions
All prices are based on how often (scanning frequency ) and extensively (scanning depth ) you decide to scan your domains.

We recommend weekly scanning to all our clients to stay updated with your website’s compliance risks.


42 Languages
Unlimited Consents and Pageviews
Automatic Cookie Scan
Automatic cookie blocking
Automatic Dataprocessor and cookies descriptions
Administration & storage of consent
Google Consent Mode
Consent Reporting
Ticket and Chat Support
Advanced Consent Reporting
Advanced Compliance Reporting
Data Retention Monitoring
Schrems II Monitoring
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Unlimited Domains and Sessions
Support during Data Protection Agency audit
Support during a subject access request
Technical Training and onboarding
Native iOS SDK and Native Android SDK
Compliance reviews by compliance experts
Managed services
Custom pricing and payment agreements
Custom developer APIs
Phone support

Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform is connected to an online payment system that handles your subscription. To make it the most convenient for you, the subscription will be charged by credit card. If you need to pay by invoice rather than credit card please contact our Account Management Team.
You can add as many domains as you like. Testing domains will be free of charge, whereas all public domains which we scan will be charged.
Yes. Our Consent Solution will make sure that you inform your website users correctly and respect their consent to cookies.
Yes. Some companies have large portfolios of websites and complex setups. Please get in contact with our Account Management Team to hear more about special solutions for large companies.
Yes. Test environments are a good way to test out the visual and technical functionalities of our consent solution. You can add test environments through our platform.
Many of our clients find great value in getting advanced insights into their consent solution – which is offered with the advanced version. You can at any time downgrade to the basic version if the need for insights into consents is not valuable for you.
The scan frequency is the deciding factor of how often we update the list of cookies found on your website. Therefore the frequency is dependent on how often you add new scripts and content to your website. If your website is frequently changed/updated, or you have a lot of publishers adding new content to your website, then it might be a great idea to set the scanning frequency higher than monthly.
The scan depth determines how many unique URLs of your website we scan for cookies. You should determine how many unique URLs your website has and set the scan depth closest to the number of URLs your website has. We scan each individual URL to see if cookies are set and by scanning the whole website you can make sure that you inform your users correctly about all cookies used on your website.