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Quick Facts


Cookie Information is a global Privacy Provider that offers innovative privacy and compliance solutions to help organizations build trust in their brand by protecting the privacy of their users and employees.


Our fundamental purpose is to safeguard your digital universe. Founded with the belief that individuals and customers deserve better when it comes to data protection, Cookie Information focuses on turning privacy into a business advantage. 


In April 2022, Danish investment fund, Kirk Kapital, invested in Cookie Information to support the growth of the company and the development of new privacy solutions. Cookie Information has expanded its portfolio of solutions to include an AI-driven Privacy & Compliance Suite that protects the digital world of organizations. 

Culture and Corporate Social Responsibility

Cookie Information is committed to creating an inclusive workplace that values and respects diversity, promotes fair treatment and equal access to opportunity, and fosters innovation, creativity, collaboration. 


Cookie Information solutions are used in more than 140 countries in the world. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cookie Information is committed to being a responsible company by giving back to society, treating employees well, fighting for inclusion and diversity, and caring for the environment. Learn more by reading our ESG Report


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