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Create opportunities

Expand your service offerings by leveraging AI-driven compliance solutions.

Strengthen clients’ brands
Help your clients build trust by enabling them to protect their users’ privacy.
Earn more revenue

Accelerate your business growth with innovative compliance and privacy solutions.

Partner perks
Dedicated partner team, prioritized support, co-selling and co-marketing opportunities.

We use Cookie Information for multiple clients, and find it very easy to implement, use and customize. The simple setup allow us to focus our energy on building great and complex digital solutions.

Chief Technology Officer
Website Consent product from Cookie Information

Consent Management that secures your clients’ compliance

Help your clients implement Consent Management both on their websites (cookie banner) and apps (Mobile App Consent). Your clients get a proven, customizable and intuitive consent management platform that builds trust by respecting user privacy.

AI-driven Data Discovery and automated data subject request forms

Data Discovery finds and manages personal data within your clients’ systems and platforms. Automated processes enhance your clients’ productivity by providing a clear overview of personal data. With Data Subject Request, your clients can easily handle all requests to access or delete personal data in one single platform. 


Reliable and secure whistleblowing

Whistleblowing provides your clients’ businesses with a proven whistleblowing reporting portal that gives your employees security and anonymity in sensitive situations. Whistleblowers can rest assured they are not watched, exposed or exploited when reporting workplace incidents and issues.

Product:  Whistleblowing

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Become a partner and grow your business by helping your clients protect their websites, apps, and business reputation. We have the privacy solutions, you implement or refer the solutions to your clients. Earn a kickback for every referral and a discount for every resell.

Utilize our expertise and opportunities for co-selling and co-marketing to generate additional revenue. Together, we can combine our strengths for mutual growth and success.

For any provider of services like web- and marketing agencies who look to help clients implement and maintain compliance solutions.

For companies, legal consultants or any provider of services who promote Cookie Information’s solutions and generate revenue for each referral.

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