Mobile App Consent

Professional Consent Management for your Mobile Apps

With Cookie Information’s Mobile App Consent you can gather legal consents on your mobile applications in an efficient way while building trust with your users.

Comply with global privacy regulations

Global privacy laws like the GDPR require you to collect valid consents from your users before gathering their personal data and sharing it with third parties. This also to applies to mobile apps.


With Cookie Information’s Mobile App Consent solution you can:


Our solution is available for both IOS & Android devices

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Joining our Mobile Consent program will enable you to collect and document valid GDPR consents on your mobile apps.

This unique opportunity gives you the chance to close any compliance gaps and take a huge step towards maturing your Compliance and Privacy Programs and ensuring trust among your app users.

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Cookie Information is a Privacy Tech company specialized in developing software that helps you and your company making your websites and mobile apps GDPR and ePrivacy compliant.

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