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Zero to GDPR Hero - Easy cookie banner setup for WordPress users

Join the webinar and learn how you can easily set up a GDPR complaint cookie banner on your website. This webinar will walk you through setup and implementation.

About this Webinar

Who is this for? 

Small businesses and WordPress users.   

What will you learn?

How to set up a GDPR compliant cookie banner on your website.  

Go from no banner to a GDPR compliant cookie banner in 30 minutes.

Learn how to set up a GDPR compliant cookie banner on your website. In this webinar, Product Implementation Specialist, Niklavs Rudzitis, will take you through the implementation and setup of Cookie Information’s cookie banner. And he will show you how to ensure your website’s compliance with the European cookie law ePrivacy and the GDPR.

During the webinar, Niklavs will show you:

This and much more, so you can tweak your new cookie banner to fit your website’s design and UI.

Join the webinar and start your compliance journey.

Niklavs Rudzitis
 is Cookie Information’s go-to guy when you want to set up a GDPR compliant cookie pop-up on your websites or apps. We call him our Senior Product Implementation Specialist.

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