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Plugin description

Complying with user consents can be somewhat tricky on Episerver based sites due to cookies being set in multiple places. For this reason, the following features are part of the integration:

Cookie Consent Pop-up registration: makes sure that the Cookie Information consent pop-up is shown on all necessary pages in the correct language.

IVistorConsentService (Implemented in VistorConsentService): you can query this service to find out whether the current visitor has given consent to a specific cookie category or cookie.

ICookieMappingService (Implemented in CookieMappingService): Maps cookies to the correct categories for the IVisitorConsentService. You can access it via an IInitializeModule if you would like to add cookie definitions – by default, definitions will be loaded from configuration.

HtmlHelper.CreateConditionalCookieScript: is an extension method that can be found in the CookieInformation.Episerver.Helpers namespace. It can wrap a section of razor code and automatically load the snippet as soon as consent to cookies has been given by the user.

CookieConsentCriterion: is a visitor group criteria that allows editors to personalise content based on the user consents given.

HTTPModule: is a module that can clean server side cookies that have been set (with no consent given) before returning a response. It can also remove cookies where consent has been withdrawn for them if a user updates their settings.

Episerver UI Integration: provides a shortcut to the Cookie Information dashboard from within the Episerver edit mode.

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  • IVistorConsentService
  • ICookieMappingService
  • HtmlHelper.CreateConditionalCookieScript
  • CookieConsentCriterion
  • HTTPModule

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