Here is a guide on how to install a cookie banner if you are using Website Builder.

Plugin description is now a trusted Cookie Information Partner.

This means that if you are using’s Website Builder to create your website, you can now get our professional cookie banner. And it’s completely free for users of the Website Builder.

Here is a short installation guide. You can also find this information on

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See a list of our features here is now a cookie information partner


  • Collect valid consent to cookies
  • GDPR compliant cookie banner
  • Free for users of the Website Builder

Installation Guide

Step 1

Go to, open your Website Builder and go to Settings.

Step 2

Enable our cookie banner.

Step 3

Choose a language for your cookie banner

Step 4

Save and publish (click Done)

Step 5

Review your new cookie banner

Step 5 revise your new cookie banner

Remember to register your domain before use

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