Professional Cookie Compliance

Small or medium sized businesses, global corporations, and Public Sector Authorities.
Our Consent Solution fits your needs for both data and compliance.

Customize your consent pop-up

Design the consent pop-up to better fit your brand. You’re in complete control of design, placement, text, and colors. 

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Multilingual solution

We provide our Consent Framework in over 40 different languages, so the pop-up displayed on your website matches the language of the website itself.

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Collect consent statistics

Every time your visitors interact with your consent pop-up the consent is stored in our secure logs. You can use these logs as analytics to optimize your opt-in consent rates. For more detailed data go for our premium version.

Want to know more about how you can optimize your consent rates? 

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Acceptance rate

Tracker, data processor & purpose management

Customize the information given to the user in an easy way. Manage the data for the trackers that our crawler picks up to present it the way you see fit.

Cookie Control SDK

Block cookies set by your website until you have obtained a valid consent from your visitor – as required by law. 

Implement our Cookie Control SDK to fully comply with legal requirements.  

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					window.addEventListener('CookieInformationConsentGiven', function (event) { 
if (CookieInformation.getConsentGivenFor('cookie_cat_category')) {

// Place cookie-setting script here. 
// Or some other javascript function you want to fire on consent.

}, false);
consent before setting cookies?

Cross-domain consent sharing

Provide your website visitors with a better user experience by sharing their consent across different domains. This way the user will not get prompted any more than necessary.

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IAB TCF v2 provider

We are an approved provider of the IAB Transparency Consent Framework.

What is the IAB TCF v2 Framework?

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