Data Discovery

Find non-compliant personal data across your organization

Get a complete overview of the personal data your organization stores and processes. Data Discovery reduces manual work and privacy risks by finding and flagging personal data that violates your policies.


Replaces manual workflows with automatic identification of non-compliant personal data

Automatically notifies employees of policy violations and how to take action

Monitors the impact of your initiatives and documents your GDPR Article 30 compliance


Free yourself from manually searching for non-compliant personal data

Data Discovery automatically finds and categorizes personal data across all your systems and files. Now you have a full overview of all the personal data you store – in one single place. Data Discovery connects out-of-box to systems like Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, MySQL databases and many more. Saves you time and reduces compliance risks.

Makes it easy for your team to independently manage violations

You define the rules, Data Discovery helps your team follow them. Violations are automatically flagged and trigger notifications for the responsible employee. Notifications explain why the personal data is non-compliant and what action to take. Ensures continuous compliance by making it easy to manage risks on the fly.


Monitors and documents your organization’s compliance efforts

A dashboard tracks the impact of compliance initiatives at team, department and company levels. Key metrics are easy to understand helping you identify opportunities for improvement or celebrate positive results. Data Discovery keeps a log of actions taken and retained or deleted personal data. Coupled with auto-generated compliance documentation, you’ll always be audit-ready.

Join +5000 organizations that use Cookie Information to protect user privacy and ensure their compliance.


Automatically finds non-compliant personal data across systems and file attachments, emails, file storages etc.

Define rules for where personal data is allowed to be stored, and for how long​

Log of actions taken, what personal data is kept or deleted and why

Automatic notifications for employees who store personal data that violates rules

Monitors the effectiveness of initiatives across teams, departments and company-wide

Auto-generated compliance documentation

Maintain good data hygiene across your organization and ensure continuous compliance. Request a demo of Data Discovery today.