Cookie Information nominated to e-commerce award

Cookie Information nominated to e-commerce award

The list of finalists is ready. Cookie Information is nominated to this year's E-commerce award by The Danish E-commerce Association (FDIH).

The finalists have been chosen for this year's e-commerce awards and we can happily announce that Cookie Information is among the five finalists in our category for this exclusive award.

"We are extremely proud by the nomination for this year's award as the best B2B with online sales below 200M DKK (approx. €27M). We are very focused on our task and by that we have moved to a league with the best. The companies we are nominated with are sound, innovative and solid companies that have done very well in recent years". - Karsten Rendemann, CEO Cookie Information

For the E-commerce price 2020, there are a total of 12 prices divided into different categories. Cookie Information is nominated for this year's award in the Best B2B company with online sales below 200M DKK.

The five finalists in the category are:

The categories are developed by a recommendation committee consisting of a total of 65 experienced e-retailers.


E-handelsprisen 2020.(DA)

De nominerede til E-Handelsprisen i alle 12 kategorier.(DA)