Marketers: Google changes the rules for cookie consent

Google puts it straight forward. If you use a Google service on your website or app, you must collect valid consent for using cookies. Fail to comply with this new consent policy will lead to the suspension of your google account. Deadline is May 11, 2022.
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Google updates consent policy for marketers that target EU citizens (May 2022)

Next week Google begins to enforce their new consent policy for ads and tracking in the EU/EEA. If you do not yet have a Consent Management Platform, you’re nearly out of time.

Cookie Information’s Consent Management Platform makes your website comply with all Google’s consent requirements.

In May 2022, Google launched an important update to its European user consent policy.

Advertisers and marketers must obtain valid consent from users in the European Union (EU/EEA) and in the UK for the use of cookies or the use personal data for personalized ads.

Failure to comply will lead to a suspension of your Google account.

A 7-day warning will be given.

Google will begin enforcing the new policy on May 11, 2022.

Google updates EU user consent policy for the use of cookies
If you use Google products such as Google Ads which collect and process EU users’ personal data, you must obtain valid consent for using cookies.

How to meet Google’s consent requirements?

Who is it for?

Anyone using Google services on websites or apps which target EU citizens by means of cookies that collect personal data.

That means, if you use e.g., Google Ads to remarket your product or service targeting EU users, you must collect a valid consent for using cookies.

What must you do to collect valid consent

You must obtain your website/app visitors’ legally valid consent to:

  • your use of cookies or other local storage.
  • the collection, sharing and use of personal data for personalization of ads.

When obtaining consent, you must:

  • collect and securely store all user consents.
  • give your users clear instructions on how to withdraw or change consent.

Also, Google requires you to clearly inform your users about:

  • what data is collected.
  • who the data is shared with.
  • what the data is used for.

What happens if you do not collect valid consent when using Google products?

 If you do not comply with the new EU user consent policy, Google will suspend your account after a 7-day warning.

Google will begin enforcing the new user consent policy on May 11, 2022.

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Use a professional Consent Management Platform to collect valid consent

Google encourages all businesses to use a professional Consent Management Platform to collect valid consent to cookies.

Cookie Information provides that Consent Management Platform.

Cookie Information is an official Google CMP partner and chosen by Google as one of the few Consent Management Platforms that collects valid GDPR consent.

Cookie Information’s Consent Solution ensures that your website or app:  

  • Collects consent according to Google’s EU policies
  • Stores all consents securely within the EU/EEA
  • Informs your users of cookies and data processings
  • Makes it easy for your users to withdraw consent

We make sure your website or app complies with both Google’s new EU consent policy and the GDPR.

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