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Collect your users’ consents with ease - Cookie Consent Manager

Never worry about privacy regulations again. We ensure that all your users' consents are collected and stored so your websites and apps comply with regulations like the GDPR. Works on any website, on any device. Here's what you get.
Cookie Information's cookie consent banner compliant with international data privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PDPA
Trusted by 250,000 websites in more than 140 countries
We’ll help you like we’ve helped these companies:

A consent pop-up that complies with the GDPR

Set up your cookie consent pop-up, then go live – all within 5 minutes.

Easily manage your consents – across all your websites

Take control of your user consents: manage and optimize opt-in rates!

We thought configuring our 200 retail shops would take a month. It took an afternoon!

- Digital business manager at a global top 50 fashion Brand

Works seamlessly with your IT-stack

Connect to your existing IT-stack and collect GDPR consent from any platform using any technology

Pass any compliance audit!

Protect your company by complying with all possible data privacy regulations and responsibilities

Why choose Cookie Information?
Because you get:

Easy setup & full documentation

It only takes a few steps to make your website fully GDPR compliant! Just add our consent solution to your existing tech stack, then connect it to any system, CMS or platform you use. We provide you with full documentation, so you can get started right away. 

Non-stop security
We store all your user consent records securely in the EU, with Microsoft Azure providing all necessary infrastructure. We also monitor all server, middleware and application components 24/7 for you – and our uptime per month is 99.5% (from the go-live date).
Dedicated and personal support
Our compliance experts support you in always being fully compliant and up-to-date with global and local data protection laws, requirements and changes. We’re happy to take on any issues you might have before, during or after implementing our solution.
Your consent solution grows with you

Scalability is key! You can start with one website and grow to a thousand domains – your consent solution grows with you! And with 40+ languages at your disposal, you can reach a global audience with a few adjustments. All managed from one central platform!

The best Consent Manager for businesses and organizations

We’ve helped 250,000 websites already – and we’re here to help you.