Consent management for any website

Collect, manage and optimize your user consents across all your domains, brands, devices and regions
Cookie Information's cookie consent banner compliant with international data privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PDPA
Trusted by 250,000 websites in more than 140 countries

Consent pop-ups

Generate a fully compliant consent pop-up in 40+ languages and set it live within 5 minutes.
• Create consent pop-ups that comply with GDPR, ePrivacy, or any local guideline
• Automatically generate consent texts and cookie policies in over 40 languages
• Deploy brand-consistent consent pop-ups across multiple brands, regions, devices and legislations
• Scan your website and deploy consent texts that are specific to your website and include all data processors and cookies

Consent management at scale

Collect, manage and optimize user consents across digital portfolios
• Spot and act on falling consent rates and re-engage users
• Optimize and report on consent rates across your digital portfolio
• Gain valuable insights in the first data points of the digital user journey

We thought it would take a month.
It took an afternoon.

- Digital business manager at a global top 50 fashion
brand about configuring 200 retail shops

Consent collection across your marketing and IT-stack

Connect your marketing and IT-stack and collect GDPR consent from any device, platform and technology
• Works on all Content Management Systems (CMS) and in all tag managers
• Connects directly to Google Analytics and collects conversion data via Consent Mode even when users decline
• Integrates with Google Ads, Facebook and any CRM, to gain insight into customer journeys without compromising user trust

Become audit-proof

Fulfill your data privacy obligations and protect your organization against fines
• Get audit-proof consent documentation
• Receive help from our privacy experts during a data protection audit
• Monitor data transfers to unsafe third countries and assist in the Schrems II initiatives across the organization

Everything you need to
become compliant

Consent records are securely stored inside the EU, with all infrastructure being provided by Microsoft Azure hosting. All server, middleware and application components are being monitored 24/7, reporting 99.5% uptime measured per month from the go-live date.
Expertise & support
Our compliance experts support you in demonstrating full compliance with global and local data protection laws, always up to date with changes to regulations and requirements. Our first-class customer support solves any issues you might have during or after implementation.
Your consent solution grows with you. Whether you have one website or many domains, implement and maintain your consent solution with a few simple steps. With 40+ languages at your disposal, your consent pop-up reaches a global audience with ease.
Easy setup
Get a fully GDPR compliant consent pop-up for your website in only a few simple steps. Integrate the consent solution directly with your existing IT-stack, and connect easily to any system, CMS, or platform.

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250,000 websites already trust us with their GDPR compliance

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