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Cookie Information’s Certified Consent Management Platform helps you collect valid consent to cookies on your website. Stay ahead of strict data privacy laws and become GDPR compliant.
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Cookie Information’s Certified Consent Management Platform helps you collect valid consent to cookies on your website. Stay ahead of strict data privacy laws and become GDPR compliant.
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The #1 Consent Management Platform for businesses

With Cookie Information, your websites and apps are in safe hands.

Together we ensure your business’ compliance, by collecting valid consent to cookies.
The Consent Management Platform makes sure:

  • Your business complies with all international data protection laws.
  • You avoid the risk of getting a GDPR fine.
  • Your users’ consent choices are respected. At all times.

Fill your marketing funnel with compliant data

Cookie Information’s Consent Management Platform provides your marketing team with compliant data for all your marketing activities.  

The Consent Management Platform ensures that:   

  • All data you collect is compliant with Data Privacy Regulations 

“Won’t I lose all my data if people say no to cookies?” Not with Google Consent Mode!  

  • Get aggregated conversion data with Google Consent Mode, from all users who reject cookie consent. Stay ahead of your competitors!  

Implement the Consent Management Platform any way you like.

Any CRM, CMS, social media and analytics software, Cookie Information integrates with your existing IT & Marketing stack. 

Implement the Consent Management Platform with:  

  • Your favorite CMS (WordPress, Joomla, HubSpot, etc.). 
  • A variety of different tag managers (GTM, Piwik Pro, Telium etc.). 
  • Connects to your Social Media, CRM and other services.

Ensure your compliance Today

Use Cookie Information’s Consent Management Platform, and your websites and apps will comply with all international data protection regulations.

You are guaranteed that:  

  • All your users’ consents are collected and stored securely by Cookie Information, on servers within the EU/EEA.  
  • We provide you with documentation (consents), if you are ever subject to an audit by the Data Protection Authorities.  

Avoid fines and bad PR.  

We ensure your compliance – around the world


Monitor your compliance across all your digital platforms

Is someone in your business adding new scripts or content that are using cookies?

And are these cookies sending data to unsecure third countries?  

The Compliance Dashboard provides you with  

  • Real-time insights about risks to your compliance.  
  • Overviews of cookies across all your websites. 
  • Consent opt-in reports (how many say “yes” to cookies”). 

Use these insights to increase your consent rates and stay ahead of data privacy regulations at all times.  

Mobile App Consent Management

Ensure the privacy of your mobile app users. And secure your compliance.

Privacy laws also apply to your mobile app!

And Data Protection Authorities are now beginning to focus more on protecting users’ privacy on apps.

Cookie Information’s Mobile App Consent ensures that your company’s mobile app complies with all international privacy laws.

Mobile App Consent enables you to:

  • collect valid consent to your use of SDK’s like AdMob, Facebook Ads and Unity Ads.
  • build trust with your app’s users by respecting their privacy.
  • comply with privacy laws like GDPR, ePrivacy, CCPA, LGPD, PDPA etc.

Easy to implement, easy to use & easy to maintain. And highly customizable to fit your company’s brand colors and design.


Turn data violations into data compliance - easy, fast, automated

Easily comply with Article 30 of the GDPR. Know and keep track of what personal data your company holds and processes. 

Cookie Information’s Data Discovery automatically finds and categorizes personal data across your systems and platforms.  

Say goodbye to manually going through old emails and files to find non-compliant and unnecessary personal data. 

With Data Discovery:  

  • You get notified about GDPR violations (Article 30).
  • All co-workers can easily monitor and take action on their own violations. 
  • You will know exactly where your company’s personal data is. With the click of a button.

Easily respond to a data subject request within 1 month

Cookie Information’s Data Subject Request automates your Data Subject Request process. 

AI powered data mapping and automation finds personal data across your systems, so you easily can comply with a DSR within 1 month.   

With Data Subject Request, you can easily comply with GDPR’s:   

  • Right of Access (article 15 
  • Right to Rectification (article 16) 
  • Right to erasure (article 17) 
  • Right to restriction of processing (article 18) 
  • Right to object (article 20) 

Saves you time, money and manual work.  

They have been incredible to work with over the past couple of years and are very passionate about what they do and offer to their customers.

Nathanuel Williams

Application Manager

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