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Unlike other Consent Management Partner Programs, we give you:
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We want you to shine! We want our partnership to be a success.
That’s why we offer you unlimited support.

And by unlimited we mean help with co-selling, audits, technical or implementation questions. Or if you have any questions about how rules on cookies and consent may affect your clients’ business.

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We use Cookie Information for multiple clients, and find it very easy to implement, use and customize. The Google Tag Manager integration help us to ensure that we are compliant with the permission settings from the customers, and the simple setup allow us to focus our energy on building great and complex digital solutions.
Mathias Madsen
Chief Technology Officer

Klausen and Partners A/S

Why partner with Cookie Information?

Cookie Information is a leading Consent Management Platform with +300 Partners and 250.000 customers worldwide. We help our clients collect 50 billion consents every single year.

Our Consent Solution for websites and apps collects valid consent to cookies, so you and your clients comply with the privacy regulations like the GDPR.

When you join the Partner Program, we will assist you every step of the way to make sure that your clients are comfortable with their cookie consent solution.

We’ve been working with Cookie Information since 2019. They offer a compatible, reliable, and adaptable solution that fits well with our brand and our client's compliance needs. We can always reach out to them whenever necessary and that makes our work much easier.
Simon Brunemark
Full Stack Developer

Data Discovery & Data Subject Requests

Help your clients expand their privacy and compliance toolbox. Save them time, money and ensure their GDPR compliance.

Your clients can now say goodbye to time-consuming GDPR tasks, and hello to automated compliance. That means they can spend more time growing their business and enjoy the fruits of your great web and marketing efforts.

Cookie Information now offers our Partners the possibility to resell or refer two additional privacy products:

  • Data Discovery
  • Data Subject Request.

Data Discovery 

Data Discovery is a tool that quickly finds and identifies all personal data across your clients’ systems and integrations. Every employee in the organization is automatically notified about breaches to the GDPR, so when issues are solved, it is  fast, cost-efficient and secure.  

Data Subject Request 

Data Subject Request makes it easy for your client to respond to a Data Subject Request within 1 month. Without manually looking for a single one! AI powered data mapping replaces manual workflows, and ensures your client can collaborate with colleagues, across departments.  

Automatic Data Subject Requests save time, money and manual work. It simplifies working with the GDPR. Your clients’ time is best spent doing what they are good at, and not on doing manual GDPR tasks.  Reach out to know how to resell Data Discovery and Data Subject Request.  

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