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Nobody likes fines and bad PR. Instead, build trust with your users by collecting their valid consent to cookies. This cookie banner complies with all international data privacy regulations.
With a cookie banner from Cookie Information, you get:

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We’ve been working with Cookie Information since 2019. They offer a compatible, reliable, and adaptable solution that fits well with our brand and our client's compliance needs. We can always reach out to them whenever necessary, making our work much more manageable.
Simon Brunemark
Full Stack Developer

Why is it necessary to have a cookie banner?

A cookie banner is a great way to ensure you comply with EU, US and other international privacy laws.

It allows your visitors to understand which cookies you use on your website, and will enable them to accept or reject cookies.

This ensures that you are transparent about how you use data and how you protect your users’ privacy. 

But it also allows you to collect compliant data for your analytics and marketing activities.  

So, having a cookie banner is not only important from a legal standpoint, but it also helps to create a more transparent relationship between you and your visitors. 

What should you write on a cookie banner?

The cookie banner is where you declare that you use cookies.

Here you write: 

  • Which cookies or other tracking technologies you use on your website.
  • Who owns the cookies (maybe you or a third party e.g., Facebook).
  • How long do you store these cookies in your user’s browser. 

Now your visitors know what they give consent to.

 When using Cookie Information, we scan your website for cookies and automatically update your cookie banner and policy. The information is updated daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your needs. 

When is a cookie banner legally valid?

Your cookie banner complies with the European cookie regulations, GDPR and US privacy laws (like CCPA) when you:

  • Collect valid consent to cookies.
  • Store all consents for documentation.

There are a few requirements for consent to be valid.

Consent must be:

Freely given

Consent is a matter of “yes” or “no” to cookies. It is not allowed to nudge, trick or force visitors into consent by using complicated designs (dark patterns). The “reject” or “opt-out” button must be available on the cookie banner’s first layer next to the “accept” button. 


You must inform your users which cookies you use, what data they collect and for how long. All this information should be available in the cookie banner and in the cookie policy.


You can only collect consent for one specific purpose at a time. That does not mean you have to collect consent for every single cookie that you use. It means that you must specify to your visitor that you want to collect consent for specific purposes, like statistic cookies and marketing cookies. Then your visitor can give or not consent to that specific purpose.


The visitors must be aware that he or she has given consent. That means actively clicking or choosing to give consent. Scrolling, swiping or merely using the website is not considered valid consent.

cookie information's consent pop up for GDPR eprivacy and CCPA compliance
Image of a cookie banner sending consents to cookies to a safe vault for secure storage

How does a cookie banner work?

When a visitor enters your website for the first time, your cookie banner will pop up. It will provide your visitor with information about the cookies you use. This information comes from weekly or monthly scans of your website.

In your banner, you ask for permission to use cookies. Your visitor either accepts or rejects cookies.

To comply with privacy regulations like the GDPR or the American CCPA, you have to collect your visitor’s consent before using cookies

That means you must prevent cookie scripts from firing until the visitor has given consent. And if your user rejects it, cookies may not be used.

Your user’s consent is then stored on our secure servers within the EU/EEA, so you can always retrieve them in case of an audit by the Data Protection Authorities.

How can Cookie Information help you?

We can help you make your website GDPR and CCPA compliant!

Like we do for +250,000 clients around the world.

And our cookie banner pop-ups are designed both for small companies with one website and for top 100 companies with numerous large websites.

You can customize your cookie banner anyway you want. Add your logo, brand colors, and tone of voice when asking for consent to cookies.

What you get is a Consent Solution that ensures your compliance and builds trust with your users.

And now that we are trusted Google Partners, you also get Google Consent Mode, so you can access data even when users say no to cookies. 

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