Stay ahead of Data Privacy Regulations

More than 250.000 websites trust Cookie Information, and we handle more than 15 billion consents each year.

Our Consent Management Solution works on any website, and device, ensuring that your websites comply with all international data privacy laws.

As a certified Google CMP partner, we even provide aggregated conversion data from all site visitors while respecting consent choices.
Here's what you get:

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We’ve been working with Cookie Information since 2019. They offer a compatible, reliable, and adaptable solution that fits well with our brand and our client's compliance needs. We can always reach out to them whenever necessary and that makes our work much easier.
Simon Brunemark
Full Stack Developer

Why is it necessary to have a cookie banner?

A cookie banner is a great way to ensure you comply with EU, US and other privacy laws.

It allows your visitors to understand which cookies you use on your website, and it gives them the possibility to accept or reject cookies.

This ensures that you are transparent about how you use data and that you protect your users’ privacy. 

But it also allows you to collect compliant data for your analytics and marketing initiatives.  

So, having a cookie banner is essential from a legal standpoint and helps create a more transparent relationship between you and your visitors.

Seamless integration.

Any CRM, CMS, social media and analytics software, Cookie Information, integrates with your existing IT & Marketing stack.

Implement the Consent Management Platform with:

  • Your favorite CMS (WordPress, Joomla, HubSpot, etc.).
  • A variety of tag managers (GTM, Piwik Pro, Telium etc.).
  • Connects to your Social Media, CRM and other services

Our Cookie Consent Solution is technically easy to integrate, and it is easy to design the banner to fit your website and brand.

The fast, competent, and friendly support of our sales and customer success teams also makes it a good collaboration for you.

Our solution scales with your needs.

Do you have 1 or 1.000 domains? Either way, we have a solution for you.

Cookie Information can tailor a solution to your needs, even if they change along the way. Start with one website and grow to a thousand domains while staying compliant as you expand your business.

And with 40+ languages available for your consent pop-up, you can easily reach a global audience.

It's all about trust.

Be transparent and respect your users' privacy.

Build loyalty and trust with your customers by collecting valid cookie consents.

Data shows that companies that invest in privacy measures experience positive investment returns.

When you show your customers that you respect their privacy, they are more likely to come back and more likely to convert time and time again.

Do you have questions?

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