Set up your GDPR cookie consent solution with WordPress.

Installing Cookie Information's cookie consent solution with WordPress is very easy. Here is a frame by frame walkthrough of how you install a cookie pop-up banner on your website.


Plugin description

This GDPR consent solution plugin will easily implement Cookie Information's Consent Solution onto your website.

The plugin will add the necessary scripts and SDK libary to the WordPress installation.

The solution contains:

  • Consent banner (pop-up)
  • Privacy controls – opt-in and opt-out buttons
  • Cookie Policy
  • Cookie control SDK – blocking of cookies
  • Legally required consent log

It takes advantage of the WPML plugin for WordPress to automatically change the language desired in the Consent Solution.

In order to use the features and funtions of this plugin, it is necessary to register your domain/site with Cookie Information.

Register her:


How to install:

Login to your WordPress admin panel. Go to: yourdomain/wp-admin


To add our WordPress Consent Solution plugin, go to: Plugins -> Add New


Search for our WordPress plugin: Cookie Information - Consent Solution. Click: Install, and then: Activate


Once the plugin is installed and Activated, go to the newly created feature in your sidebar menu: Cookie Information

Click on the orange box Register You will be taken to



How to Register:

Enter your company or personal name and your email. Also enter a password of your choice. 

You will be sent a confirmation email to the adress you have entered. Confirm the link in the email to active your account.

Register your domain

Thank you for subscribing to consent solution GDPR

Domain URL and banner design:

Enter a Consent Solution name of your choice. Enter your domain url ( and choose type of website (public recommended), number of pages your website has and scan frequency.

For your consent banner design, choose what type of banner you would like (consent pop-up), the cookie policy and type of desired privacy controls. All choices are visualized in the design process. 

Enter consent solution name and domain name
Choose your banner style

You have successfully added a new consent solution:

Succesfully added Consent solution


Go to your WordPress dashboard and click Cookie Information in the left sidebar menu.

Copy and paste Cookie Information shortcode for the cookie policy (cookiepolicy) and the shortcode for privacy controls (privacycontrols) onto a page, where you would like to display your privacy policy e.g. (

Update the page and voilà - congratulations, you have a cookie consent banner! 

To see your banner, refresh your page or go to incognito mode in your browser. 

If you run a Multilanguage website, we recommend installing: WPML-plugin. It will automatically register the chosen language for the site and set it for our plugin's language settings.

Do you have any question regarding our solutions and services - please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.