Irish Cookie deadline approaching: Get ready before the October 5th

Irish Cookie deadline approaching: Get ready before the October 5th

The new Irish Cookie Guidance is soon kicking in. Start your Cookie Consent Implementation today with Cookie Information to secure your cookie compliance when enforcements begin.

Get your Irish Cookie Consent Solution Implementation started today with Cookie Information.

Meet the October 5th deadline comfortably with all the tools and support provided by Cookie Information to make your business comply with the Irish DPC guidance to cookies.

We offer you full guidance and support so you can reach the necessary level of compliance on your website. Book an informal meeting today on how to get started.

New Irish Cookie Guidance – how does it affect your website?

In April 2020, the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) published a new guidance for the use of cookies and other tracking technologies.

The 3 most essential parts of the guidance for websites are:

  • The use of cookies requires a GDPR valid consent.
  • Pre-checked boxes for cookies or implied consent (continues use/scrolling) are no longer allowed for.
  • Cookie pop-ups must give visitors the possibility to reject cookies directly in the banner.

What does all this mean for you?

It probably means you have to either acquire a cookie banner or revise your existing one. 


Because most cookie banner actually do not work. 

They do not collect and store user consents. 

They do not hold back cookies before consent is given. 

They do not allow users to say: cookies, no thanks. 

With the new Guidance, the DPC also indicates that they will increase enforcements against non-compliant businesses after the grace period ends on October 5th, 2020.

Get ready before October 5th

Sounds like a lot of work? No need to worry.

With Cookie Information’s help you can begin your journey towards cookie compliance before enforcements begin.

We will provide you with all the tools and knowledge necessary to comply with the DPC Cookie Guidance and thereby stay clear of GDPR fines.  

Book an informal meeting with us and we will guide you on how to reach your goals.

What’s in it for you?

  • Consumer trust (because you respect their privacy).
  • Compliance with new DPC cookie rules.
  • A cookie banner that looks good on your website and actually works!

More and more companies prioritize website compliance to build trust with their visitors, leads and customers.

When kindly asking permission to use cookies, you not only comply with the new DPC Cookie Guidance, you also respect your visitors’ online privacy.

How to implement your new cookie banner

We provide an easy setup for those who prefer handling all technical aspects themselves, complete with tutorials and help center articles.

We also provide personalized support for you who want guidance, help with implementation and a customized cookie banner design.

Get started today and get first in line to make the October 5th deadline.

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