Google Consent Mode v2 for WordPress

Is there an easy way to get Google Consent Mode v2 for my WordPress site? Sure thing. With a solid plugin from Cookie Information. Here's why this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get Consent Mode v2 implemented on your WordPress site.
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First of all, a Consent Management Platform (CMP) is not just a cookie-banner that pops up on your WordPress site. That is just the interface facing your visitors.
A CMP is a tool for storing consent at scale, automatic cookie classification, and optimizing consent rates. Hence, having a CMP installed on your website is a requirement if you use scripts from services like Hubspot, Hojtar, Google Analytics, etc, because one of its core capabilities is blocking these scripts if the user denies cookies (in particular statistical and marketing cookies).
A certified CMP, like Cookie Information’s CMP, is also recommended (by Google) if you want to implement Google Consent Mode v2, which is necessary if you use services from Google, primarily Google Analytics and Ads.
If you want to know more about the legal prerequisites for Consent Mode and consent management, Google’s EU User Consent Policy is a good source. It is Google’s policy for GDPR and ePrivacy compliance in the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA).

Different ways to get Consent Mode v2 for WordPress

You can implement Google Consent Mode v2 in a couple of different ways for your WordPress website.
  1. Implement the script directly into the source code of your website.
  2. Use the Cookie Information Template for Google Tag Manager (GTM).
  3. Use the Cookie Information WordPress Plugin.
What approach you choose depends on your needs. But one of the easiest ways for a WordPress-based site to get Google Consent Mode v2 is via our plugin.

How to implement Consent Mode v2 with the WordPress plugin

If you already have Consent Mode v1 installed via Cookie Informations WordPress plugin for CMP, then it’s as easy as the push of a button:
  1. Login to your WordPress site.
  2. Go to the Extension/Plugin section to find and press update.

It’s also good if you double check in the plugin-settings that the two new flags (ad_user_data, ad_personalization) are in the code-snippet. And then update your existing cookie-banner by inserting the link to Google’s Privacy Policy on it.

If you do not have the previous version of Consent Mode installed but use Cookie Information via the WordPress plugin, you need to:
  1. Login to your WordPress site.
  2. Go to the plugin’s settings.
  3. Locate the option “Google Consent Mode v2” and check the box to enable it.
After this, you have to update the cookie-banner template to get the one adjusted per Google’s requirements, where the link to Google’s Privacy Policy is displayed. This is done by logging into Cookie Information’s Consent Management Platform.

How to get Consent Mode v2 on your WordPress site from scratch

It is also straightforward to go from not having a cookie banner, and thus a consent management platform, to get one that lives up to Google’s requirements and has Consent Mode v2 integrated.
  1. Install the plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Configure the plugin.
So, all you have to do is find the Cookie Information Consent Solution on your WordPress dashboard, install it, and activate it. When configuring the plugin, make sure to check the box for Consent Mode v2. After that, you log in to your Cookie Information dashboard to choose the right banner, just as described previously – ie. “Overlay 2” or “Overlay 3”.
For a more detailed step-by-step guide and some additional “do-not-forget-tos,” please look at this comprehensive support article.

The fastest way to get Consent Mode v2 on your WordPress site

The fastest way to get the latest version of Consent Mode v2 up and running is, first and foremost, through a consent management platform (a CMP), such as Cookie Information’s CMP. Which not only integrates seamlessly with Google Consent Mode v2, but also helps your website comply with fundamental privacy regulations like the GDPR,and the CCPA. 
Thus, if you do not have an active CMP on your site today, the first thing you need to do before downloading the plugin on your WordPress dashboard is sign up for one.

At the moment we offer a free 30-day trial with no strings attached if you want to get Google Consent Mode v2 up as fast as possible on your WordPress site. Or at least in time for Google’s March 2024 deadline.

So begin by signing up for your CMP now.