Cookie Information integrates Google Consent Mode

Measure conversions while respecting user privacy. How? With Google Consent Mode and Cookie Information.
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Cookie Information has recently integrated Google Consent Mode! 

The integration of Google’s new feature with our Consent Management Platform gives you the possibility to get important data for ad campaigns and analytics while respecting your users’ privacy. Here’s how. 

What is Google Consent Mode?

As more and more people are turning to the internet for shopping or finding solutions to grow their own businesses, advertisers rely on data to measure the effect of their online marketing efforts. 

Yet, with strict European data protection regulations, websites are required to collect their visitors’ consent for cookies which may have a negative impact on insights into customer journeys and conversion metrics. 

To solve this issue, Google introduces Consent Mode

Google Consent Mode is a new API developed to provide more flexibility in how you can use Google tags together with your cookie consent tools. 

Consent mode can be used to customize how Google tags behave before and after users make their consent decisions – helping you measure more effectively campaign conversions, while respecting user consent choices for ads cookies and analytics cookies.

Effectively, this means that you will be able to preserve conversion measurement, while your tags behave in a consent-aware manner.

How does it work?

Consent Mode introduces two new tag settings that will manage cookies for analytics and advertising purposes when using Global Site Tag or Google Tag Manager. When you implement Consent Mode, Google Tags* will be able to behave in a consent-aware manner, respecting end user cookie consent choices. 

Consent Mode detects whether consent to analytics – and marketing cookies has been given or not, and will only read or write those cookies, if the user has approved. If a user does not consent, the relevant Google tags will adjust accordingly and not use ads cookies, instead measuring conversions at a more aggregate level.

With this simple move, Google has bridged the gap between a growing interest in user privacy and data driven digital advertising. The new API ensures that you can make use of analytics and marketing features while respecting user privacy.  

Google Consent Mode is for advertisers who are not using IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF v2.0). If you are using the IAB framework for collecting consent to cookies and other tracking technologies, Google’s ad system will continue to follow the guidelines in the IAB.

You can read much more on Google Consent Mode, how it works and how it integrates with our Consent Management Platform here. 

Link: What is Google Consent Mode in detail?

Getting started with Consent Mode?

Consent Mode is fully integrated into Cookie Information’s Consent Management Platform by default. 

With Cookie Information’s Consent Solution, you get a cookie banner that is GDPR compliant and you get the possibility to get aggregated data with Consent Mode. 

Get the data you need for Google Analytics and Ads to measure the success of your content marketing and ads campaigns.

Try our Consent Solution with Google Consent Mode for 30 days!

Do you already have Cookie Information’s Consent Solution, please follow this simple guide and you’re on your way to collecting valuable metrics for Analytics and Ads. Link: Cookie Information client – get started with Consent mode here

*Google Tags:

  • Google Ads (includes Google Ads Conversion Tracking and Remarketing; support for Phone Call Conversions pending)
  • Floodlight
  • Google Analytics 
  • Conversion Linker