Cookie Information among selected few Google Consent Management Platform Partners

Google launches a new CMP partner program to unlock the full value of Google Consent Mode. Cookie Information is one of the few trusted partners to offer seamless Google Consent Mode integration with our Consent Management Platform.
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We are happy to announce that Cookie Information is among the few, specially chosen and trusted Consent Management Platforms to enter Google’s new CMP Partner Program. 

The partnership with Google means that Cookie Information now is one of the few Consent Management Platforms worldwide that Google refers to for unlocking the full value of Google Consent Mode

Link: Google’s blog “Unlocking the full value of Google Consent Mode”

With Google Consent Mode fully integrated in your Consent Management Platform and cookie banner, you can respect your users’ consent choices and still get data insights from campaigns and website traffic. In a privacy-friendly way. 

Here’s how it works. 

How does Google Consent Mode work with Cookie Information?

Google Consent Mode helps marketers in Europe and the UK respect their visitors’ consent choices while still getting valuable data for their marketing efforts. 

With Google Consent Mode, you can now achieve more accurate insights into conversion data and website traffic also from those users that reject cookies.

Here’s an example: 

How Google Consent Mode works

A user searches for something cool. And your ad pops up in the Google results! The user clicks your ad and goes to your website. 

Now, if you got a professional cookie banner this is where Google Consent Mode begins to provide you value. 

If your user gives consent to cookies, all reporting to Google Analytics and Google Ads will proceed as normal. 

But if your user rejects cookies, then your cookie banner (CMP) will communicate directly to Consent Mode which will then change the behavior of your Google tags. No cookies for analytics or ads will be set.

Cookieless pings will be used instead to measure conversions at a more aggregate level. And you will see the results in Ads and Analytics.

All in all, using Consent Mode with your cookie banner (CMP) will give you more accurate insights into your marketing activities. 

But how do you respect your users’ consent choices and get insights for Analytics and Ads? 

How do I get Google Consent Mode?

As one of the few, specially chosen official Google Consent Management Platform Partners, we offer Consent Mode as a default integration in our Consent Solution.

And it is worth noticing that Google Consent Mode only works with a Consent Management Platform, like Cookie Information for example. 

→ With Cookie Information’s Consent Solution, you get a professional cookie banner built to comply with international privacy regulations. 

→ With Consent Mode you get more insights for Google Analytics and Google Ads to more accurately measure the profits of your marketing efforts. All in a privacy-friendly way. 

Try our Consent Solution with Google Consent Mode – Free for 30 days!