Google Consent Mode v2

Take advantage of conversion modeling to optimize your reporting and ads performance. All while respecting your users’ privacy preferences.
Cookie Information is a designated CMP Partner that meet Google’s technical requirements
Ensuring reduced implementation time via codeless integrations and the best possible experience for you as an advertiser.


Consent Mode v2 allows you to adjust the functionality of your Google tags based on user consent for ads and analytics cookies. This ensures tracking for advertising campaigns occurs only with user consent, as signaled through Consent Mode v2.
Using Cookie Information’s CMP together with Consent Mode v2 enables you to continue using measurement, ad personalization and remarketing features in Google Ads.
Besides maintaining essential features in Google Ads, Consent Mode v2’s conversion modeling feature also helps you fill in the data gaps that occur when users opt-out of cookies.
Conversion modeling enriches your website data by analyzing the behavioral patterns of consented users to predict the actions of non-consented users. This means you get more data that would otherwise be lost. 


Cookie Information gives you maximum flexibility, offering a list of different ways to set up Consent Mode v2. 
In our Support Center you can find guides on how to implement Consent Mode v2 via:

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