Cookie Information now a Google Partner

Cookie Information is now a Google Consent Mode Partner. What it means for new and existing clients.

Collaborating for a privacy-friendly future

We are thrilled to announce that we are now a Google Consent Mode Partner

For us, this is a huge step towards realizing our mission of providing companies and organizations with privacy-friendly solutions that can enable their data-driven businesses while delivering transparency and respect for each user’s privacy. 

We will work closely with the most significant player within analytics and marketing to provide our shared customers with even better and privacy-friendly products.  

During the past months, we have worked closely with Google on delivering Google Consent Mode as a native feature in our Consent Management Platform.

What is Google Consent Mode and how do you get it?

Cookie Information’s native Google Consent Mode feature will be enabled for all clients that follow the requirements from Google from the 24th of February

You can find more information about the requirements in the link below. 

Click here for more info about the changes to your existing Cookie Information account.

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