IAB Europe is updating its EU Privacy Guidelines. Is your cookie consent solution compliant with the new standards?

IAB Europe is updating its EU Privacy Guidelines. Is your cookie consent solution compliant with the new standards?

The International Advertising Bureau IAB Europe has launched a new version of its Transparency and Consent Framework, the TCF 2.0. Google will integrate the new standards in 2021. Is your website ready to take the next step of GDPR compliance?

On August 21st, IAB Europe announced the launch of the second iteration of the Transparency and Consent Framework – the TCF 2.0.

The advertising trade group is making changes to how it suggests publishers, marketers and AdTech companies comply with Europe’s data privacy laws – GDPR and ePrivacy Directive.

But what’s new in the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework? And does your website comply with the new standards?

Link: What is the IAB Framework?

What’s new in TCF 2.0?

First, the TCF 2.0 is an important update for publishers and advertisers in Europe looking for guidance on how to comply with EU law.

The updated IAB Transparency and Consent Framework is especially important for the processing of users’ personal data collected by cookies on websites.

Brief overview of improvements in TCF 2.0:

  • More detailed information about which third parties process users’ personal data.
  • Improved insights for users and websites into which personal data are collected and for which purposes.
  • Better options for publishers for controlling which third parties and data processing purposes they want on their website.
  • Better opportunities for users to decline – and withdraw – consent to personal data processing.

What does the TCF mean for you as a publisher?

Publishers will be able to point out if data are being used for consent measurements, audience insights or ad performances, rather than grouping all under the category “measurement”.

Thereby, you can inform and clarify in your consent solution what type of data third-party services (e.g. Google Analytics, Hotjar, Adthis, YouTube) collect and process about your visitors. 

The latest version of TCF also gives the IAB a big win in its efforts to gain industry traction: Google says it will integrate TCF 2.0 by early next year, giving the guidelines a needed stamp of approval. 

LINK: Google will integrate TCF 2.0 by end of Q1 2020

What’s in it for your users?

In the TCF 2.0, website visitors will be able not only to give or withhold consent, they can also exercise their “right to object” to their data being processed. This means, that users of a website will gain more control over how third-party vendors collect and process their personal data, such as precise geolocation, IP-address and device ID.

With the increased categories used to explain for which purpose data are being processed, users will receive more detailed information about whether their personal data are used for measurements, audience insights or marketing. The increased transparency also reveals which third-party vendors collect and process data.

Does your cookie consent solution meet the requirements of the TCF 2.0?

First, you can test your cookie consent solution in more than one way.

You can use Cookie Information’s free chrome extension to test whether your solution holds back cookies before consent is given (GDPR requirement), provide users with an option to decline cookies (IAB requirement) and if data are shared with third-parties.

Link: Cookie Information’s free cookie consent tool in Chrome store

You can also have Cookie Information’s privacy specialists assess your website. You’ll receive a report within 48 hours after making the request.

Link: What does Cookie Information test for in a compliance assessment?

How do I get a GDPR compliant cookie consent in the IAB Framework?

Cookie Information is a IAB Partner and we have an IAB approved Consent Management Platform. With our Cookie Consent Solution, we have integrated the IAB Framework thus providing you with an industry leading Consent Solution for your website. Our Cookie Consent Solution will make sure your website complies with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive regarding cookies and processing of personal data.  

Our Cookie Consent Solution is ePrivacy and GDPR compliant as it:

  • Collects your users’ consent to cookies
  • Withholds cookies before consent is given (prior consent)
  • Provides users with possibility to decline data processing by purpose (privacy controls)
  • Stores user consents (in case of inspection by DPA)

With Cookie Information’s Consent Solution your website gets a professional cookie pop-up (with custom logo design possibilities), IAB approval, daily/monthly scans for new cookies and breaches to the GDPR and great support by our skilled support team.

Companies using our solution have a 98.5% acceptance rate to all cookies of all purposes – so don’t worry about your website traffic analysis or possibilities for retargeting or attribution. With our Cookie Consent Solution, you guard your company from fines from the Data Protection Authorities for violations to the GDPR.

Link: What is GDPR? And how does it affect your website cookies?

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