Major European DPA’s revise cookie requirements

The major European DPA's ICO, CNIL and BayLDA have all revised their cookie requirements. Here's a short overview.

In July of 2019, the major European DPA’s revised their cookie requirements. 

Both the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and the French Data Protection Authority, CNIL, followed in the footsteps of German BayLDA (Bavarian Data Protection Authority) who in March 2019 published its requirements for the use of cookies to collect and process personal data.

Here we will walk you through the key points of the three DPA’s revisions of the cookie requirements based on an easy-to-read chart crafted by International Law firm Bird & Bird Partners Gabriel Voisin and Ruth Boardman.

In the list, we look at the differences and similarities of the new cookie requirements by ICO, CNIL and BayLDA. 

What is the GPDR?

What are the similarities between the revised cookie requirements?

What are the differences between the DPA's revised requirements?

Are you in control of your cookies?

Here’s a short checklist to get an overview if you’re current cookie consent solution (cookie banner) complies with the GDPR in your country.

Checklist for collecting
valid consent to cookies

You can always book a meeting with Cookie Information to discuss your current solution or if you need a solid and GDPR compliant cookie consent solution. Book a meeting with our compliance team today! 

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