4 new products for our partners to make your clients GDPR compliant

GDPR compliance on Mobile Apps, AI driven Data Discovery and much more. All new products work to make your clients GDPR compliant. And you profit from it.
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Introducing 4 new products for partners

Dear Partner, let’s kick off 2023 with a bang! 

We are introducing 4 new products that you can sell to your clients. And profit! 

All products ensure your clients’ GDPR compliance on websites and apps, but also internally in the organization. 

Here’s what you can expect from Cookie Information: 

Website Consent Management (cookie banner)

Automate processes for informing about first- and third-party tracking via cookies and similar technologies.

It also collects, stores, and processes consent, so you would have all the necessary documentation for the authorities. 

Mobile App Consent Management

Make sure you inform and collect consent the right way when processing data in your iOS and Android Mobile App. 

Data Discovery

Make sure you don’t store Personal or other Sensitive Data.

The AI-based tool allows you to discover personal or other Sensitive Data in Microsoft 365, Google Suite, Databases, and self-built integrations.

If actions are required, you can act upon risks directly in the Platform. 

Data Subject Request

Automated processes for when a person asks a company about what data they store on her.

Connects request functionality with Microsoft 365, Google Suite, Databases, and more to gather all necessary information about the Subject. 

Cookie Information as a Partner

Cookie Information is a PrivacyTech company that has been around since 2011.

We started as a cookie consent popup provider and have since grown into providing services to more than 250.000 websites.

The need for technical solutions to privacy problems is growing, and we are happy to share that we have 4. different products joining our portfolio.   

Extend your offerings with Compliance as a Service

The new products aim to enable our Partners to extend their offerings into Compliance as a Service and become compliance experts toward your end clients. 

 Depending on the project you work on or the clients’ profile, it is likely they need at least one of the products listed above.

And for you as a compliance provider, with our help, you can fix different compliance issues, improve trust in your company and generate revenue.