Quick and Easy: How To Implement Google Consent Mode v2 in 2024 for Better Ad Results

Want to save time and keep getting the most out of your marketing budget and results on advertising platforms like Google Ads and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) after March 2024? Then you have to set up Google Consent Mode v2. In this blog post, you will learn about the quickest and easiest way to implement and set up Google Consent Mode v2 in 2024.
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Why should you implement Consent Mode v2?

Technically speaking, you don’t have to implement Consent Mode v2.
But as a marketer and advertiser, you can’t afford not to.
If you do not implement Consent Mode v2, you won’t be able to properly use measurement, ad personalization, and remarketing features in Google Ads anymore. 
Other limitations include blocking your ability to capture new EU/EEA user data in your Google Analytics 4 audience lists and blocking you from sharing audience lists with Google Ads.
This means you won’t even be able to do remarketing towards new site visitors.
Do you have an e-commerce site?
Then you won’t be able to retarget visitors who added items to their basket but for some reason did not proceed buying your product at checkout.
If you want to read about the in-depth reasons why you have to implement Consent Mode v2, you can learn more in our blog post: 3 reasons you need Consent Mode v2.
The reason?
Google requires advertisers to comply with their EU user constent policy and updates consent mode (in regards to consent for user data).
Due to these new changes to Consent Mode, your Google Ads will become significantly less ineffective after March 2024 which means you will get way worse results with your ad spend.
But fear not.
If you implement Consent Mode v2 before March 2024, your Google Ads and Google Analytics 4 will continue to work properly.
Luckily, there is a very quick way to implement Consent Mode v2.

Quick and easy: How to implement Google Consent Mode v2

There are two primary ways to set up Google Consent Mode v2.

  1. The hard and time-consuming way is to set up and implement Consent Mode v2 through an in-house solution you build from scratch.
  2. The fastest, easiest and most time-efficient way is to set up and implement Consent Mode v2 through a Consent Management Platform. Cookie Information is a Certified Google CMP Partner, and our cookie banner for websites offers a native integration with Consent Mode v2 (start a free 30 day trial today).If you want to easily set up Consent Mode v2 for your app, you need a consent banner-solution that is certified for Consent Mode v2, like Cookie Information’s Consent Banner for Mobile Apps.Once you have easily installed your new consent banner, you have to set up Consent Mode v2 – and we have made it easy for you.

Just follow one of our simple guides or video guides available for the most common setups. We integrate with the most common systems like Google Tag Manager, WordPress, Piwik PRO, and many other systems.

You can implement Consent Mode v2 in less than 30 minutes with Cookie Information.

If you are a Cookie Information-customer, you will also get quick support if you have any trouble setting up Consent Mode v2.
Be ready for March 2024 and make sure your advertising has all the insights and functions it needs to function properly – start with Consent Mode v2 today by using Cookie Information.

How to easily get started

Right now, you can get a 30-day free trial to easily get started with Consent Mode v2 by using Cookie Information’s cookie banner. 

Click here and sign up to get the 30 days free trial now.