Why choose a pro cookie consent solution for WordPress

Why choose a pro cookie consent solution for WordPress

Do you think you are compliant with a free plugin for WordPress? Think again. Most plugins just give you the illusion that your website conforms to requirements in the GDPR. Here we explain why you should choose a professional GDPR cookie consent solution for your WordPress site – and how to install it.

When you have a website – being privately owned or a business site – that uses cookies, there are certain privacy rules you have to follow to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Therefore, you can find numerous GDPR cookie consent solutions in WordPress’ plugins environment. But common for most of them are, they are not very compliant.

I have a free GDPR plugin – what’s the problem?

You may have heard that you just have to inform your visitors that your website uses cookies. That’s partly true but informing is all most free plugins do. They provide your website with a small banner somewhere on the site with the text: we use cookies – accept.

However, that setup changes with the GDPR, especially regarding personal information.

Basically, what can be read in the GDPR is: if your website uses cookies that collect and process your visitors’ personal information, you have to obtain explicit consent before you set cookies in your visitors’ browsers.  

But how do you know if the cookies on your site collect personal information?

A free cookie banner won’t help you if the DPA asks for consent logs

To know which cookies collect and process personal information, you have to consult a Cookie Knowledge Base. But as a rule of thumb, cookies that collect your visitors’ IP-address, online ID, geolocation etc. (all personal information) and use this information to create online profiles for marketing purposes, are subject to the GDPR. These cookies are typically marketing cookies from third-party services like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Addthis, YouTube, Doubleclick etc.

If your website uses services like these which set marketing cookies, your free cookie banner has to:

  • Properly inform users of cookies
  • Provide users with the option to reject cookies
  • Keep a detailed log of users’ cookie consents - if subject to inspection by Data Protection Authority (DPA)
  • Block cookies before you get consent

Your free WordPress cookie banner does not do any of these things.

Why go pro with a GDPR consent solution for WordPress?

With Cookie Information’s Consent Solution for WordPress, we have developed a plugin ready to install on your site.

With the Consent Solution you’ll get:

  • GDPR Valid cookie consent pop-up banner
  • Privacy controls (possibility to reject cookies)
  • Cookie policy (information about cookies on your site)
  • Log and basic reporting (if subject to inspection by DPA)
  • In-depth scans (monthly scans of your website for cookies)
  • A Knowledge Base (information about all types of cookies)

The Consent pop-up banner is displayed to the user upon the first visit to the website. The pop-up banner informs the visitor about the use of cookies and asks for a consent to store cookies in the browser. Privacy Controls also allow the user to reject various cookie purposes (e.g. statistic, marketing). With the cookie policy the user can get an overview of cookies on your site.

Each users’ consent log is stored for 5 years as required by law. With our Consent Solution the user can always change his or hers consent or completely redraw the consent.

The solution scans your website and all its subpages for cookies and provides this information in tabular format in the cookie policy.

Cookie Information also maintains a global Knowledge Base with expert knowledge about first and third-party cookies.

Installing Cookie Information’s Consent Solution on WordPress

We have visually described the entire flow in this article:

Link: How to install a valid Consent Solution on WordPress

To make it work properly requires only a little effort from your side, but when done you can effectively comply with the GDPR.

Essentially, you log on to your WordPress admin site, you go to dashboardà pluginsà add new and search for “cookie information”.

Install and activate the plugin and go to the newly created menu in the left sidebar.

Consent solution menu wordpress

To make the consent solution work properly, register your domain (e.g. mywebsite.com)

Click on Register here and register your domain on our platform (so we know which website to scan). When done, you can insert the cookie policy and privacy controls short codes on the page you use for informing your users of cookies. Don’t worry, the cookie banner will automatically pop-up the first time your user visits your website.

There you have it. You now have a pro GDPR cookie consent banner on your website. Now you can collect your users consent for all cookies on your site.

It’s free for 30 days, try it out, see if you like it. Register here

Any questions? Give us a call or write us an email.