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“We realized that we needed a partner who specializes in consent management. Instead of spending time creating a cookie banner, we could focus on advising our customers on how consent works in a larger context.”
Arild Henrichsen
Digital Advisor, Epinova

Why Epinova chose Cookie Information

Fair and transparent pricing

Solution adapted Nordic market

Flexibility and customizability


Delivering cookie compliance customers trust

Meet Arild from Epinova. Arild is a digital advisor and responsible for ensuring that Epinova’s clients have a cookie banner that complies with cookie laws and GDPR.
For Epinova, the choice fell on Cookie Information to deliver a Consent Management Platform that could collect consent to cookies.

“Customers just want a cookie solution that works.
And they trust our guidance.”

“You don’t need to be a web genius to implement Cookie Information.
It’s quite simple. Everything is well explained, so it can be done by anyone!”

Flexibility is king - everything can be customized

For Epinova, flexibility and customizability is everything. There are a lot of standard and anonymous looking cookie banners out there. Epinova chose Cookie Information because of the high level of customizability.
“There are multiple designs of cookie banners you can choose from. And you can even custmize it to satify your client’s design requests”
“You can change colors, buttons, texts which makes the banner one of a kind. It really adapts to the specific website”
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  • Norwegian Agency for Website and E-commerce Development
  • Established 2007
  • Cookie Information Partner since 2020
  • Helps larger Norwegian companies, both private and public sector.

“We chose Cookie Information based on three criteria: Functionality, price model and Partner Program.”

You don't need to be a web agency or digital specialist to implement the cookie banner

Implementing Cookie Information’s Consent Management Platform was quite simple.
“It’s just a small script that has to be copied into your website’s source code – and then you’re ready to play with the graphical interface (i.e. the cookie banner).
“Those are the benefits, I’d like to highlight:” 
  • Easy implementation.
  • Good documentation.
  • A highly customizable interface (cookie banner).
Collecting consent in an organized way
– that is the challenge. Not just creating a cookie banner.

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