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Cookie Information is compatible with existing tag managers and easy to set up. That saves you a headache.

Søren August Klinken

Senior Digital Marketing Analyst, PureGym 

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  • Fitness chain
  • Founded 2005
  • Employees: 3500+
  • Offices in: Copenhagen, Denmark

Marketing and compliance goes hand in hand

Marketing and compliance may seem as different as chalk and cheese. Not for Søren Klinken. As a senior marketing analyst at fitness chain PureGym, Søren is ignited by the challenges compliance brings to using marketing data.

“I always say that you must be a good analyst to do good web analytics. You need a good understanding of how to do business and, of course, also be able to handle all technical issues. And then there’s the compliance and GDPR part. That adds to the complexity.”

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Complexity is what makes compliance fun

Søren is no stranger to complexity. He’s in the middle of a large-scale rebranding task with PureGym. In May 2023, Denmark’s largest fitness chain changes its name to PureGym. And Søren’s job is to ensure the new site is also cookie-compliant.  

“Working with compliance in marketing can be a bit of a love-hate relationship. It gives you some technical challenges and potential commercial limitations, but that’s what makes it fun.” 

“Support is excellent at Cookie Information. They even showed up on site to help with an issue.    

-Søren August Klinken, Senior Digital Marketing Analyst, PureGym

Support went above and beyond

While changing domain and brand names, Søren experienced technical issues with the setup of his Consent Solution.  So Cookie Information’s Support Team stepped up. 

“Some tags didn’t fire properly when we changed from Fitness World to PureGym. So, I was happy that Cookie Information showed up on-site to help us fix these bugs. That’s the sort of thing that makes you feel valued as a customer.

Great compatibility and valuable features

While Søren was highly pleased with Support, he also highlights the technical capabilities of Cookie Information’s Consent Solution. 

Firstly, Cookie Information is compatible with existing tag managers and is easy to work with. Secondly, cookie compliance is simply essential. And having a cookie consent solution that simply works with our site saves us a headache. As a bonus, I can also use the Compliance Dashboard to get insights into how many site visitors reject cookies and use that knowledge to improve our consent rates. 

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