Trelleborg AB
“We could easily integrate Cookie Information’s cookie consent management platform on our domains and adapt it to fit our website structure.”

Richard Andersson

Group Digital Manager, Trelleborg AB

Why Trelleborg AB chose Cookie Information

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Trelleborg AB
  • Engineering, industrial polymer solutions
  • Founded 1905
  • Employees: 16700
  • Offices: HQ in Trelleborg, Sweden. Operations in 40 countries.

From confusion and complexity to seamless compliance

Meet Richard Andersson from Swedish engineering group Trelleborg AB. Richard is among those responsible for managing the Trelleborg Group’s web platforms and domains. This also includes ensuring the online privacy of users and customers of the Trelleborg platforms and ensuring compliance with current data protection legislation.
Back in 2018, GDPR was hot off the press. And a hot topic among Swedish companies. But like most other companies, Trelleborg’s biggest challenge was how to implement the new legal framework on their web platforms. How would any tool be flexible enough to work with Trelleborg’s website architecture? Join this conversation with Richard and discover how a collaboration with Cookie Information turned confusing and complicated compliance work into an easy daily task.

“The Cookie Information team have always been friendly and willing to engage with us. A fine example of excellent support!”

-Richard Andersson, Group Digital Manager, Trelleborg AB

Good presentation made a strong first impression

At a session with agencies and privacy stakeholders, Trelleborg discovered Cookie Information.
“Before that, it was not clear how we should collect consent or deal with information in relation to privacy and compliance. At the session, Cookie Information made a presentation and showed us how easily we could meet the demands of compliance.”
For Trelleborg, implementation of the Consent Solution was easy. But the topic of GDPR compliance was complex.
“We have also grown in the process. It has been a lot of work for many different people here. But we took on accountability for data collection and compliance on our website, so we had to understand the tool and its possibilities.”
Trelleborg AB cookie banner
Trelleborg AB's custom cookie banner

Uncomplicated onboarding and first-class support

Trelleborg had initially decided to use a different privacy tech provider for managing their overall privacy needs.
“But I insisted we should keep using Cookie Information on our websites for the consent management part. We had a great onboarding experience. The Cookie Information team has always been easy to get a hold of, even as they’ve grown, and new people have entered the project. They have always been friendly and willing to engage with us. A fine example of excellent support!”

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