Piwik PRO Tag Manager

Get more insights into the customer journey, detailed consent statistics and streamline your data activation. Our native integration allows you to easily use Cookie Information and Piwik PRO together.


The integration consists of a dedicated Cookie Information tag available in Piwik PRO Tag Manager – reducing time and effort required to connect the two platforms.
The dedicated tag automatically maps cookie categories from your CMP to consent types in Piwik PRO. This allows you to trigger tags in Piwik PRO Tag Manager based on consents collected via your cookie banner.
Insights from Cookie Information’s CMP are gathered directly in the Piwik PRO platform, providing you with built-in analytics and reporting functionality.
Integrating your CMP with Piwik PRO also enables you to monitor and optimize your consent rates by giving you access to consent statistics, including:
Through access to all other modules and functionalities of the Piwik PRO Analytics Suite*, you can further benefit from:
*Customer Data Platform requires an additional license. All other modules are available in Piwik PRo’s free Core plan.


To set up your Cookie Information CMP in Piwik PRO Tag Manager, simply follow the guide in our Support Center article.

Support & updates

This plugin is provided and developed by Cookie Information and Piwik PRO. 
If you have questions or need support with the plugin, visit our Support Center or reach out to support@cookieinformation.com